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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D303417 Projectile launcher Sep. 12, 1989
D303416 Riding snow ski Sep. 12, 1989
D303415 Golf iron club head Sep. 12, 1989
D303414 Exercise treadmill Sep. 12, 1989
D303413 Doll Sep. 12, 1989
D303412 Reconfigurable toy jeep/helicopter Sep. 12, 1989
D303411 Reconfigurable tank and jet assembly toy Sep. 12, 1989
D303410 Reconfigurable toy tank Sep. 12, 1989
D303409 Reconfigurable toy vehicle Sep. 12, 1989
D303408 Toy racing car Sep. 12, 1989
D303407 Toy gasoline station Sep. 12, 1989
D303406 Gloved toy with water- and light-emitting action Sep. 12, 1989
D303405 Joystick Sep. 12, 1989
D303404 Tail rudder element for a toy aircraft Sep. 12, 1989
D303403 Card holder for window display Sep. 12, 1989
D303402 Portable sign Sep. 12, 1989
D303401 Lottery ticket clip board Sep. 12, 1989
D303400 Mirrored memo box Sep. 12, 1989
D303399 Note pad holder Sep. 12, 1989
D303398 Desk set Sep. 12, 1989
D303397 Magnetic clip caddy Sep. 12, 1989
D303396 Ribbon cartridge Sep. 12, 1989
D303395 Cash register Sep. 12, 1989
D303394 Single cylinder air compressor Sep. 12, 1989
D303393 Cylinder housing Sep. 12, 1989
D303392 Indoor antenna Sep. 12, 1989
D303391 Speaker enclosure Sep. 12, 1989
D303390 Telephone set Sep. 12, 1989
D303389 Telephone set Sep. 12, 1989
D303388 Telephone set Sep. 12, 1989
D303387 Integral handset telephone and high-top sneaker Sep. 12, 1989
D303386 Telephone set Sep. 12, 1989
D303385 Telephone base Sep. 12, 1989
D303384 Portable handset radio telephone Sep. 12, 1989
D303383 Cordless telephone set or similar article Sep. 12, 1989
D303382 Telephone Sep. 12, 1989
D303381 Magnetic tape cassette Sep. 12, 1989
D303380 Visual display monitor Sep. 12, 1989
D303379 Display monitor Sep. 12, 1989
D303378 Housing for disc drives Sep. 12, 1989
D303377 Housing for a photoplotter Sep. 12, 1989
D303376 Combined card reader and display for a bus fare adjustment system Sep. 12, 1989
D303375 Computer terminal cabinet Sep. 12, 1989
D303374 Mobile data terminal or similar article Sep. 12, 1989
D303373 Battery Sep. 12, 1989
D303372 Power inverter Sep. 12, 1989
D303371 Power inverter Sep. 12, 1989
D303370 Power inverter Sep. 12, 1989
D303369 Anchor Sep. 12, 1989
D303368 Grapnel anchor Sep. 12, 1989

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