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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35886 Phosphonic acid derivatives and use thereof Sep. 1, 1998
RE35885 Photographing mode switching device of a camera Sep. 1, 1998
RE35884 Flexible lead assembly for microchannel plate-based detector Sep. 1, 1998
RE35883 Apparatus for dispensing conductive coating materials including color changing capability Sep. 1, 1998
RE35882 Net wrap feeding system for a round baler Sep. 1, 1998
PP10588 Begonia plant named `Solenia Rot` Sep. 1, 1998
PP10587 Variety of geranium named `Valentine` Sep. 1, 1998
PP10586 Variety of geranium named `Melody Red` Sep. 1, 1998
PP10585 Variety of geranium named `Global Bright Purple` Sep. 1, 1998
PP10584 Scaevola plant named `Newon` Sep. 1, 1998
PP10583 Hibiscus plant named `Gulf Wind` Sep. 1, 1998
PP10582 Hibiscus plant named `Bimini Breeze` Sep. 1, 1998
PP10581 Azalea hybrid variety named `Conleb` Sep. 1, 1998
PP10580 Azalea hybrid `Conlec` Sep. 1, 1998
PP10579 Azalea hybrid variety named `Conlef` Sep. 1, 1998
PP10578 Cherry tree `Andy-G's Son` Sep. 1, 1998
PP10577 Floribunda rose plant named `JAChart` Sep. 1, 1998
H1750 Absorbent article having a breathable backsheet Sep. 1, 1998
H1749 Method for inhibiting hydrate formation Sep. 1, 1998
H1748 Package for packs, for example, packs of sanitary products Sep. 1, 1998
H1747 Object loading device Sep. 1, 1998
D397834 Clothesline supporting device Sep. 1, 1998
D397833 Paint tray with brush holder Sep. 1, 1998
D397832 Cat climbing habitat Sep. 1, 1998
D397831 Eyeshadow quad compact Sep. 1, 1998
D397830 Safety razor and handle Sep. 1, 1998
D397829 Safety razor Sep. 1, 1998
D397828 Steam hair curling set Sep. 1, 1998
D397827 Combined cigar cutter and letter opener Sep. 1, 1998
D397826 Humidor Sep. 1, 1998
D397825 Cigarette lighter Sep. 1, 1998
D397824 Table lamp Sep. 1, 1998
D397822 Chandelier Sep. 1, 1998
D397821 Suspended lighting fixture Sep. 1, 1998
D397820 Chandelier Sep. 1, 1998
D397819 Fluorescent lighting fixture Sep. 1, 1998
D397818 Direct indirect luminaire housing Sep. 1, 1998
D397817 Signal lantern Sep. 1, 1998
D397816 Quick coupling docking light Sep. 1, 1998
D397815 Crib light Sep. 1, 1998
D397814 Night light Sep. 1, 1998
D397813 Night light with socket Sep. 1, 1998
D397812 Electroluminescent night light Sep. 1, 1998
D397811 Fluorescent light adaptor module Sep. 1, 1998
D397810 Flashing Sep. 1, 1998
D397809 Snow guard Sep. 1, 1998
D397808 Landscaping block Sep. 1, 1998
D397807 Window or door frame component Sep. 1, 1998
D397806 Window or door sash component Sep. 1, 1998
D397805 Window or door frame component Sep. 1, 1998

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