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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
T102303 5,6,7,8-Tetrahydrotriazolo{4,3-alpha}-pyridin-3(2H)-ones Oct. 5, 1982
T102302 Method for the production of apertures in polystyrene foam sheet Oct. 5, 1982
T102301 Use of polyethylene waxes to control metal orientation in paints Oct. 5, 1982
RE31051 Regulator for controlling capacitor charge to provide complex waveform Oct. 5, 1982
RE31050 Hoisting device Oct. 5, 1982
RE31049 Fuel-operated device Oct. 5, 1982
RE31048 Tree destroyer Oct. 5, 1982
RE31047 Hose structure Oct. 5, 1982
RE31046 Incineration method and system Oct. 5, 1982
RE31045 Snowplow blade extension Oct. 5, 1982
PP4893 Nectarine tree Oct. 5, 1982
PP4892 Rose plant Oct. 5, 1982
D266454 Showerhead Oct. 5, 1982
D266453 Showerhead Oct. 5, 1982
D266452 Tub spout Oct. 5, 1982
D266451 Fountain head Oct. 5, 1982
D266450 Watering can or the like Oct. 5, 1982
D266449 Sprinkler Oct. 5, 1982
D266448 Flying insect trap Oct. 5, 1982
D266447 Playground seating unit Oct. 5, 1982
D266446 Skate sail Oct. 5, 1982
D266445 Golf ball marker holder Oct. 5, 1982
D266444 Physical exerciser Oct. 5, 1982
D266443 Exercise treadmill and the like Oct. 5, 1982
D266442 Toy typewriter Oct. 5, 1982
D266441 Toy seaplane Oct. 5, 1982
D266440 Toy space vehicle Oct. 5, 1982
D266439 Game board Oct. 5, 1982
D266438 Self-contained magnetic backgammon board and game pieces Oct. 5, 1982
D266437 Label for a cassette holder Oct. 5, 1982
D266436 Desk ornament Oct. 5, 1982
D266435 Desk tray Oct. 5, 1982
D266434 Clay molding tool Oct. 5, 1982
D266433 Lens mask Oct. 5, 1982
D266432 Lens mask Oct. 5, 1982
D266431 Copying machine Oct. 5, 1982
D266430 Rear screen motion picture projector with film spool storage unit Oct. 5, 1982
D266429 Microfilm reader Oct. 5, 1982
D266428 Self-propelled flail blade lawn mower Oct. 5, 1982
D266427 Portable rotary snow thrower Oct. 5, 1982
D266426 Front panel for floppy disc drive Oct. 5, 1982
D266425 Computer cabinet work surface Oct. 5, 1982
D266424 Electronic printer Oct. 5, 1982
D266423 Projection television receiver Oct. 5, 1982
D266422 Clock radio Oct. 5, 1982
D266421 Telephone Oct. 5, 1982
D266420 Loudspeaker magnet housing Oct. 5, 1982
D266419 Magazine of magnetic tape Oct. 5, 1982
D266418 Automobile cassette deck Oct. 5, 1982
D266417 Combined cassette player, headset and radio Oct. 5, 1982

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