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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D330587 Filter to be attached around user's waist for purifying air in a supplied air breathing system f... Oct. 27, 1992
D330586 Air purifier Oct. 27, 1992
D330585 Air conditioner Oct. 27, 1992
D330584 Vacuum relief plumbing fitting Oct. 27, 1992
D330583 Sprinkler Oct. 27, 1992
D330582 Pool cleaner leaf trap Oct. 27, 1992
D330581 Fishing lure Oct. 27, 1992
D330580 Single-barrel gun Oct. 27, 1992
D330579 Playground structure Oct. 27, 1992
D330578 Water sport float Oct. 27, 1992
D330577 Large loft angle golf club head Oct. 27, 1992
D330576 Squirrel figure Oct. 27, 1992
D330575 Toy megamouth shark Oct. 27, 1992
D330574 Turtle doll Oct. 27, 1992
D330573 Toy school desk Oct. 27, 1992
D330572 Christmas tree ornament Oct. 27, 1992
D330571 Laser-protection spectacles Oct. 27, 1992
D330570 Shuffleboard cabinet Oct. 27, 1992
D330569 Golf chipping practice target Oct. 27, 1992
D330568 Directory stand Oct. 27, 1992
D330567 Fountain pen stand Oct. 27, 1992
D330566 Combined adhesive dispenser and applicator Oct. 27, 1992
D330565 Pen Oct. 27, 1992
D330564 Disposable camera Oct. 27, 1992
D330563 Disposable camera Oct. 27, 1992
D330562 Electronic still camera Oct. 27, 1992
D330561 Sunglasses lens frame Oct. 27, 1992
D330560 Sunglasses Oct. 27, 1992
D330559 Multiple drive power take off Oct. 27, 1992
D330558 Drilling machine Oct. 27, 1992
D330557 Foot operated lawn mower starter Oct. 27, 1992
D330556 Air vent valve for an internal combustion engine fuel heat system Oct. 27, 1992
D330555 Antenna railing mount Oct. 27, 1992
D330554 Radio scanner Oct. 27, 1992
D330553 Clock radio Oct. 27, 1992
D330552 Tape player Oct. 27, 1992
D330551 Weight bench combined radio/telephone set Oct. 27, 1992
D330550 Photographic film cassette Oct. 27, 1992
D330549 Photographic film cassette Oct. 27, 1992
D330548 Photographic film cassette Oct. 27, 1992
D330547 Key pad Oct. 27, 1992
D330546 Front panel for computer Oct. 27, 1992
D330545 Data display for computer Oct. 27, 1992
D330544 Combined electronic equipment cabinet and controls Oct. 27, 1992
D330543 Hand held computer Oct. 27, 1992
D330542 Absorber of electrical noise Oct. 27, 1992
D330541 Magnetic core Oct. 27, 1992
D330540 Electrical connector Oct. 27, 1992
D330539 Electrical connector housing Oct. 27, 1992
D330538 Optical coupling connector Oct. 27, 1992

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