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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38856 Preparation of tri-iodo benzene compounds Oct. 25, 2005
RE38855 Centrifugal separator with one or more internal contaminant barriers Oct. 25, 2005
RE38854 Apparatus for and method for polishing workpiece Oct. 25, 2005
RE38853 Substantially seamless brassiere, and blank and method for making same Oct. 25, 2005
RE38852 Tear/puncture resistant semi-laminate material Oct. 25, 2005
RE38851 Shock absorbing arrangement for marine outboard drive Oct. 25, 2005
RE38850 Functional coated product and process for producing the same and the use thereof Oct. 25, 2005
RE38849 Information record medium, apparatus for recording the same and apparatus for reproducing the sa... Oct. 25, 2005
RE38848 Recording medium cartridge and signal recording apparatus Oct. 25, 2005
RE38847 Reflected fluorescence microscope with multiple laser and excitation light sources Oct. 25, 2005
RE38846 Multi-phase converter with balanced currents Oct. 25, 2005
RE38845 Seat attachment structure for motor vehicles Oct. 25, 2005
RE38844 Method for reducing emissions from evaporative emissions control systems Oct. 25, 2005
RE38843 Hydrostatic slewing drive Oct. 25, 2005
RE38842 Vacuum cleaner bag docking assembly Oct. 25, 2005
RE38841 Shower bath apparatus and spray nozzle Oct. 25, 2005
PP16076 Heuchera plant named `Starry Night` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16075 Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `Schrenat` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16074 Clematis plant named `Evipo033` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16073 Clematis plant named `Evipo034` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16072 Clematis plant named `Evipo011` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16071 Apricot tree, `F168 cv` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16070 Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Malibu` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16069 Clematis plant named `Evipo019` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16068 Peach tree `Sweet Henry` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16067 Agastache plant named `Kiegapur` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16066 Hibiscus plant named `Cashmere Wind` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16065 Verbena plant named `USBENAS4` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16064 Silene dioica plant named `Valley High` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16063 Petunia.times.Calibrachoa plant named `Dancalipet` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16062 Hosta plant named `Fireworks` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16061 Chrysanthemum plant named `DekLacetti` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16060 Diascia plant named `Codiusre` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16059 Phlox plant named `Junior Dance` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16058 Chrysanthemum plant named `Lexy` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16057 Petunia plant named `Wespeking` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16056 Miniature rose plant named `SAVadouble` Oct. 25, 2005
PP16055 Torenia plant named `Sunrenilapa` Oct. 25, 2005
D511035 Security box Oct. 25, 2005
D511034 Stackable pallet Oct. 25, 2005
D511033 Steam iron Oct. 25, 2005
D511032 Truck/cab window cleaning apparatus Oct. 25, 2005
D511031 Dishwasher Oct. 25, 2005
D511030 Dog chew toy Oct. 25, 2005
D511029 Pet toy Oct. 25, 2005
D511028 Animal grooming glove Oct. 25, 2005
D511027 Tent for pets Oct. 25, 2005
D511026 Sport helmet Oct. 25, 2005
D511025 Compact Oct. 25, 2005
D511024 Razor handle Oct. 25, 2005

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