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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35924 Electrode-carrying catheter and method of making same Oct. 13, 1998
RE35923 Fixing device, fixing method, and recording apparatus Oct. 13, 1998
RE35922 Method and apparatus for preventing print overruns Oct. 13, 1998
RE35921 Dynamic video RAM incorporating single clock random port control Oct. 13, 1998
RE35920 Event-activated reporting of vehicle location Oct. 13, 1998
RE35919 Process for separating optical isomers Oct. 13, 1998
RE35918 Stem load determining system Oct. 13, 1998
RE35917 Harvesting method for leafy vegetables Oct. 13, 1998
PP10647 Aechmea plant named `Superb` Oct. 13, 1998
PP10646 African violet plant named Michiko Oct. 13, 1998
PP10645 Aster plant named `Patricia Viking` Oct. 13, 1998
PP10644 Leucospermum plant named `High Gold` Oct. 13, 1998
PP10643 Picea pungens, Gebelle Oct. 13, 1998
PP10642 Strawberry plant named `San Miguel` Oct. 13, 1998
PP10641 Olive tree `CSS 02 Minerva-Sonnoli` Oct. 13, 1998
PP10640 Climbing rose plant named `Wekmeyer` Oct. 13, 1998
PP10639 Climbing rose plant named `Poulclimb` Oct. 13, 1998
PP10638 Shrub rose plant named `Poulusa` Oct. 13, 1998
PP10637 Shrub rose plant named `KORconta` Oct. 13, 1998
D399634 Coin bank Oct. 13, 1998
D399633 Coin segregation device Oct. 13, 1998
D399632 Combination lock box Oct. 13, 1998
D399631 Pallet Oct. 13, 1998
D399629 Conveyor track Oct. 13, 1998
D399628 Elevating work platform Oct. 13, 1998
D399627 Personal access lift Oct. 13, 1998
D399626 Creeper seat with drawer Oct. 13, 1998
D399625 Trial lawyer's caddy Oct. 13, 1998
D399624 Bag holder Oct. 13, 1998
D399623 Bag support Oct. 13, 1998
D399622 Garbage can Oct. 13, 1998
D399621 Ergonomic, single hand, folding painter's tool Oct. 13, 1998
D399620 Surface treating article retainer Oct. 13, 1998
D399619 Vacuum cleaner Oct. 13, 1998
D399618 Hand-held vacuum cleaner Oct. 13, 1998
D399617 Electric vacuum cleaner Oct. 13, 1998
D399616 Canister vacuum cleaner Oct. 13, 1998
D399615 Steam cleaner Oct. 13, 1998
D399614 Enlarged dish rack extender Oct. 13, 1998
D399613 Cat litter box Oct. 13, 1998
D399612 Chew toy for dogs Oct. 13, 1998
D399611 Dispensing reservior for bird feeder Oct. 13, 1998
D399610 Pet kennel Oct. 13, 1998
D399609 Veterinary isolation cage Oct. 13, 1998
D399608 Palm guard Oct. 13, 1998
D399607 Ear protective cover Oct. 13, 1998
D399606 Bicycle accessory for warming the ears of a bicycle rider Oct. 13, 1998
D399605 Wrist band mounted container for lip balm Oct. 13, 1998
D399604 Dental floss dispenser Oct. 13, 1998
D399603 Dental floss dispenser Oct. 13, 1998

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