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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE31057 Chromium-doped beryllium aluminate lasers Oct. 12, 1982
RE31056 Computer controlled high-speed circuit for testing electronic devices Oct. 12, 1982
RE31055 Aperture mask supported by spring lugs and spring clips Oct. 12, 1982
RE31054 Display panel having rows and columns of coplanar scan and display cathodes and large-area anode Oct. 12, 1982
RE31053 Apparatus and method for holding and planarizing thin workpieces Oct. 12, 1982
RE31052 Lacing assembly for a shoe Oct. 12, 1982
PP4895 Lily named Fancy Free Oct. 12, 1982
PP4894 Nectarine tree Oct. 12, 1982
D266539 Box for transporting fish Oct. 12, 1982
D266538 Combined container and applicator for hair dye Oct. 12, 1982
D266537 Combined container and applicator for hair dye Oct. 12, 1982
D266536 Foot cover for automobile auxiliary light Oct. 12, 1982
D266535 Combination candlestick and bowl Oct. 12, 1982
D266534 Greenhouse Oct. 12, 1982
D266533 Collapsible solution container for medical liquids Oct. 12, 1982
D266532 Manually held body massager Oct. 12, 1982
D266531 Tent for use with trailer or the like Oct. 12, 1982
D266530 Physical exerciser Oct. 12, 1982
D266529 Toy racing game track Oct. 12, 1982
D266528 Aerial toy Oct. 12, 1982
D266527 Board game Oct. 12, 1982
D266526 Photograph storage and display case Oct. 12, 1982
D266525 Bass drum Oct. 12, 1982
D266524 Automatic focusing lens Oct. 12, 1982
D266523 Sorter for use with a copying machine Oct. 12, 1982
D266522 Tape folder Oct. 12, 1982
D266521 Shank adapter for a rock drilling machine Oct. 12, 1982
D266520 Material machining device enclosure Oct. 12, 1982
D266519 Combined sewing machine and work support extension Oct. 12, 1982
D266518 Remote control oil sump drain valve Oct. 12, 1982
D266517 Fuel pump anti-tamper enclosure Oct. 12, 1982
D266516 Outboard unit of an inboard-outboard drive for watercraft Oct. 12, 1982
D266515 Combined shelf index and keyboard for a file retrieval system Oct. 12, 1982
D266514 Memory cartridge for electronic printer control Oct. 12, 1982
D266513 Check processing terminal Oct. 12, 1982
D266512 Multiple mode communication terminal Oct. 12, 1982
D266511 Amplifier Oct. 12, 1982
D266510 Amplifier Oct. 12, 1982
D266509 Housing for an intercom or similar business machine Oct. 12, 1982
D266508 Tuner Oct. 12, 1982
D266507 Rotatable telephone support Oct. 12, 1982
D266506 Vehicular telephone set of similar article Oct. 12, 1982
D266505 Loudspeaker mounting Oct. 12, 1982
D266504 Phonograph stylus Oct. 12, 1982
D266503 Tape recording machine Oct. 12, 1982
D266502 Combined television receiver, radio receiver, cassette recorder and clock Oct. 12, 1982
D266501 Electronic hand control unit for adjustable bed Oct. 12, 1982
D266500 Portable control system console or similar article Oct. 12, 1982
D266499 Invalid chair Oct. 12, 1982
D266498 Collapsible perambulator frame Oct. 12, 1982

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