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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5267239 Cross-connect method for STM-1 signals of the synchronous digital multiplex hierarchy Nov. 30, 1993
5267238 Network interface units and communication system using network interface unit Nov. 30, 1993
5267237 Collison detection and signaling circuit Nov. 30, 1993
5267236 Asynchronous parallel data formatter Nov. 30, 1993
5267235 Method and apparatus for resource arbitration Nov. 30, 1993
5267234 Radio transceiver with duplex and notch filter Nov. 30, 1993
5267233 Radio set for an FDM-TDM-radio transmission set Nov. 30, 1993
5267232 Method of controlling data transmission in ATM network with cell loss priority level Nov. 30, 1993
5267231 Digital communication channel interface Nov. 30, 1993
5267230 Method and apparatus for communication maintenance and termination Nov. 30, 1993
5267229 Optical element drive apparatus Nov. 30, 1993
5267228 Substrates for optical cards, process for preparing substrates for optical cards, optical cards ... Nov. 30, 1993
5267227 Disk storage apparatus with an actuator locking device Nov. 30, 1993
5267226 Optical information recording and reproducing apparatus with switchable spot-functions Nov. 30, 1993
5267225 Automatic disc player system loaded with a multiplicity of selectable discs Nov. 30, 1993
5267224 Liquid crystal memory device including an organic ferroelectric layer Nov. 30, 1993
5267223 Electroacoustic transducer seal Nov. 30, 1993
5267222 Low power timekeeping system Nov. 30, 1993
5267221 Backing for acoustic transducer array Nov. 30, 1993
5267220 Target surveillance and destruct system Nov. 30, 1993
5267219 Acoustic range-finding system Nov. 30, 1993
5267218 Nonvolatile memory card with a single power supply input Nov. 30, 1993
5267217 Apparatus for and method of detecting shape of solder portion Nov. 30, 1993
5267216 BICMOS local address transition detection circuit Nov. 30, 1993
5267215 Semiconductor memory device with transfer gates arranged to subdivide bit lines Nov. 30, 1993
5267214 Shared-sense amplifier control signal generating circuit in dynamic type semiconductor memory de... Nov. 30, 1993
5267213 Bias circuitry for content addressable memory cells of a floating gate nonvolatile memory Nov. 30, 1993
5267212 Random access memory with rapid test pattern writing Nov. 30, 1993
5267211 Memory card with control and voltage boosting circuits and electronic appliance using the same Nov. 30, 1993
5267210 SRAM with flash clear for selectable I/OS Nov. 30, 1993
5267209 EEPROM programming method Nov. 30, 1993
5267208 Semiconductor memory device Nov. 30, 1993
5267207 Electrically programmable read only memory device with reliable sense amplifier circuit Nov. 30, 1993
5267206 Semiconductor integrated circuit with functional test mode to random access memory unit Nov. 30, 1993
5267205 Semiconductor memory device Nov. 30, 1993
5267204 Method and circuitry for masking data in a memory device Nov. 30, 1993
5267203 Sense amplifier control circuit of a semiconductor memory device Nov. 30, 1993
5267202 Reading device for EPROM memory cells with the operational field independent of the threshold ju... Nov. 30, 1993
5267201 High voltage boosted word line supply charge pump regulator for DRAM Nov. 30, 1993
5267200 Semiconductor memory device and operating method thereof with transfer transistor used as a hold... Nov. 30, 1993
5267199 Apparatus for simultaneous write access to a single bit memory Nov. 30, 1993
5267198 Static memory containing sense amp and sense amp switching circuit Nov. 30, 1993
5267197 Read/write memory having an improved write driver Nov. 30, 1993
5267196 Floating gate nonvolatile memory with distributed blocking feature Nov. 30, 1993
5267195 Semiconductor non-volatile memory device Nov. 30, 1993
5267194 Electrically erasable programmable read-only-memory cell with side-wall floating gate Nov. 30, 1993
5267193 Multi-valued memory cell using bidirectional resonant tunneling diodes Nov. 30, 1993
5267192 Semiconductor memory device Nov. 30, 1993
5267191 FIFO memory system Nov. 30, 1993
5267190 Simultaneous search-write content addressable memory Nov. 30, 1993

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