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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D341781 Interlocking bottle Nov. 30, 1993
D341780 Container for auto body filler Nov. 30, 1993
D341779 Evaporation cover Nov. 30, 1993
D341778 Dispensing container with a slidable closure Nov. 30, 1993
D341777 Package for wrench sockets Nov. 30, 1993
D341776 Gift wrap organizer box Nov. 30, 1993
D341775 Cleaning agent container Nov. 30, 1993
D341774 Simulative container Nov. 30, 1993
D341773 Combined perfume spray and closure Nov. 30, 1993
D341772 Bottle Nov. 30, 1993
D341771 Sugar cane cutter Nov. 30, 1993
D341770 Wall supported hose reel Nov. 30, 1993
D341769 Spool Nov. 30, 1993
D341768 Wall support for a hose reel Nov. 30, 1993
D341767 Hose storage device Nov. 30, 1993
D341766 Weather/environmental padlock Nov. 30, 1993
D341765 Toilet seat lifting handle Nov. 30, 1993
D341764 Rotary cutter Nov. 30, 1993
D341763 Socket for a screwdriver Nov. 30, 1993
D341762 Safety chain saw guard cover Nov. 30, 1993
D341761 Keyhole saw handle Nov. 30, 1993
D341760 Hand-held power injector Nov. 30, 1993
D341759 Socket for knockoff wheel hubs Nov. 30, 1993
D341758 Tool for straightening an arrow Nov. 30, 1993
D341757 Plumber's pipe tool Nov. 30, 1993
D341756 Yard rake Nov. 30, 1993
D341755 Stake for attachment to drip or related irrigation tubing Nov. 30, 1993
D341754 Fork Nov. 30, 1993
D341753 Blade scabbard Nov. 30, 1993
D341752 Combined plate and cup carrier Nov. 30, 1993
D341751 Combined salt shaker and pepper mill Nov. 30, 1993
D341750 Compartmented bowl Nov. 30, 1993
D341749 Base for a small kitchen appliance Nov. 30, 1993
D341748 Blender Nov. 30, 1993
D341747 Double-unit food frying machine Nov. 30, 1993
D341746 Water dispenser Nov. 30, 1993
D341745 Beverage container Nov. 30, 1993
D341744 Venetian blind Nov. 30, 1993
D341743 Combination bath and shower organizer and dispenser for soaps and shampoo Nov. 30, 1993
D341742 Soap dispenser Nov. 30, 1993
D341741 Electronic controlled liquid soap dispenser Nov. 30, 1993
D341740 Soap dish package Nov. 30, 1993
D341739 Toilet paper holder for attachment to a bedside commode Nov. 30, 1993
D341738 Combined tissue pack and holder Nov. 30, 1993
D341737 Front and top for a cabinet Nov. 30, 1993
D341736 Seat cushion Nov. 30, 1993
D341735 Motorcycle backrest Nov. 30, 1993
D341734 Automobile sleeper headrest Nov. 30, 1993
D341733 Furniture leg Nov. 30, 1993
D341732 Table Nov. 30, 1993

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