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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D341831 Radio-equipped telescoping umbrella with solar collectors Nov. 30, 1993
D341830 Optical disc player Nov. 30, 1993
D341829 Cordless portable telephone Nov. 30, 1993
D341828 Stackable enclosure for electronic devices Nov. 30, 1993
D341827 Computer file server Nov. 30, 1993
D341826 Computer enclosure Nov. 30, 1993
D341825 Portable radio data terminal Nov. 30, 1993
D341824 Portable computer Nov. 30, 1993
D341823 Pen based computer Nov. 30, 1993
D341822 Personal computer Nov. 30, 1993
D341821 Combined portable hand held terminal and removable carrier strap Nov. 30, 1993
D341820 Heat dissipating device for a semiconductor package Nov. 30, 1993
D341819 Shelf Bracket Nov. 30, 1993
D341818 Automatic climate control unit for an automobile Nov. 30, 1993
D341817 Electrical connector Nov. 30, 1993
D341816 Combined electrical plug and circuit breaker Nov. 30, 1993
D341815 Telecommunications test connector Nov. 30, 1993
D341814 Electric power distribution unit Nov. 30, 1993
D341813 Pontoon for personalized watercraft Nov. 30, 1993
D341812 Infant life preserver Nov. 30, 1993
D341811 Recreational boat Nov. 30, 1993
D341810 Three point tow bar hitch Nov. 30, 1993
D341809 Vehicle wheel Nov. 30, 1993
D341808 Disc brake shim Nov. 30, 1993
D341807 Disc brake shim Nov. 30, 1993
D341806 Handlebar with integral crank Nov. 30, 1993
D341805 Non-permanent gooseneck trailer hitch Nov. 30, 1993
D341804 Tire Nov. 30, 1993
D341803 Tire Nov. 30, 1993
D341802 Baby stroller frame Nov. 30, 1993
D341801 Bicycle stem Nov. 30, 1993
D341800 Clamp of a steering bar Nov. 30, 1993
D341799 Decorative plate for attachment to a tricycle Nov. 30, 1993
D341798 Motorcycle Nov. 30, 1993
D341797 Handbag clasp Nov. 30, 1993
D341796 Flower pot cover Nov. 30, 1993
D341795 Flower pot cover Nov. 30, 1993
D341794 Flower pot cover Nov. 30, 1993
D341793 Punk holder Nov. 30, 1993
D341792 Ornamental chain Nov. 30, 1993
D341791 Cartridge-carrying watch band Nov. 30, 1993
D341790 Combined clapper and chime support for wind chimes Nov. 30, 1993
D341789 Wind chime Nov. 30, 1993
D341788 Wall-mounted passive infra-red presence detector Nov. 30, 1993
D341787 Infrared sensor Nov. 30, 1993
D341786 Goniometer Nov. 30, 1993
D341785 Combined watch case and band portions Nov. 30, 1993
D341784 Torch protractor Nov. 30, 1993
D341783 Clock Nov. 30, 1993
D341782 Bottle Nov. 30, 1993

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