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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D341881 Ceiling fan dust collector cover for blades Nov. 30, 1993
D341880 Outdoor section for a split system air conditioning unit Nov. 30, 1993
D341879 Air conditioner Nov. 30, 1993
D341878 Combined heater and fan Nov. 30, 1993
D341877 Portable bidet Nov. 30, 1993
D341876 Spout Nov. 30, 1993
D341875 Combined electronic controlled faucet and liquid soap dispenser Nov. 30, 1993
D341874 Dual shower head Nov. 30, 1993
D341873 Electronic controlled faucet Nov. 30, 1993
D341872 Paint spray gun Nov. 30, 1993
D341871 Combined water filter base and container Nov. 30, 1993
D341870 Fishing rod and reel line brake Nov. 30, 1993
D341869 Ball Nov. 30, 1993
D341868 Paper doll Nov. 30, 1993
D341867 Interfitting toy porpoise Nov. 30, 1993
D341866 V-shaped personal floatation device Nov. 30, 1993
D341865 Golf wedge with shoe attachment Nov. 30, 1993
D341864 Ski binding Nov. 30, 1993
D341863 In-line roller-skate Nov. 30, 1993
D341862 Interfitting toy bird Nov. 30, 1993
D341861 Pedalled skate Nov. 30, 1993
D341860 Golf putter Nov. 30, 1993
D341859 Stair climber exercise machine Nov. 30, 1993
D341858 Doll Nov. 30, 1993
D341857 Puzzle Nov. 30, 1993
D341856 Water column game Nov. 30, 1993
D341855 Portable, battery operated light magnifier apparatus for computer video game Nov. 30, 1993
D341854 Christmas bingo Nov. 30, 1993
D341853 Wall mounted display board for children's toilet training Nov. 30, 1993
D341852 Trainer for motorcycle driving Nov. 30, 1993
D341851 Ballpoint pen Nov. 30, 1993
D341850 Voice mail greeting card Nov. 30, 1993
D341849 Paper feeder for copying machine Nov. 30, 1993
D341848 Typeface Nov. 30, 1993
D341847 Piccolo support tip Nov. 30, 1993
D341846 Mounting for a telescope mirror Nov. 30, 1993
D341845 Thermal binding unit Nov. 30, 1993
D341844 Combined belt and disk sander Nov. 30, 1993
D341843 Sanding machine Nov. 30, 1993
D341842 Sheet cutting die press machine Nov. 30, 1993
D341841 Auto loading can crusher Nov. 30, 1993
D341840 Aluminum can compactor Nov. 30, 1993
D341839 Replaceable tillage point Nov. 30, 1993
D341838 Remote control unit Nov. 30, 1993
D341837 Remote control Nov. 30, 1993
D341836 Telephone mounting bracket for hospital bed rail Nov. 30, 1993
D341835 Antenna element for automobiles Nov. 30, 1993
D341834 Video editing and production console Nov. 30, 1993
D341833 Video editing and production console Nov. 30, 1993
D341832 Combined amplifier and radio receiver Nov. 30, 1993

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