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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE34464 Poly(arylene sulfide sulfone)polymer containing ether groups Nov. 30, 1993
RE34463 Semiconductor memory device with active pull up Nov. 30, 1993
RE34462 Start circuit for generation of pulse width modulated switching pulses for switch mode power sup... Nov. 30, 1993
RE34461 Wall mounted decorative art convertible to a toss game with catch area Nov. 30, 1993
RE34460 Copying apparatus having a sorter with a sheet stapling function with staple mode cancellation Nov. 30, 1993
RE34459 Friction modifier Nov. 30, 1993
RE34458 Screening machine Nov. 30, 1993
RE34457 Separating agent Nov. 30, 1993
PP8481 Chrysanthemum plant named Soft Pasion Nov. 30, 1993
PP8480 Dicentra eximia `Snowflakes` Nov. 30, 1993
PP8479 Mandevilla "White Delite" Nov. 30, 1993
PP8478 Flowering crab apple tree `Purple Prince` Nov. 30, 1993
PP8477 Apple tree `Cripps-Two` cultivar Nov. 30, 1993
PP8476 Rose plant Keibian Nov. 30, 1993
D341917 Mail call unit Nov. 30, 1993
D341916 Safety first mailbox Nov. 30, 1993
D341915 Pet casket Nov. 30, 1993
D341914 Lockable beauty supplies trolley Nov. 30, 1993
D341913 Wooden floor stripping machine Nov. 30, 1993
D341912 Leash with suction cup Nov. 30, 1993
D341911 Bird feeder stand Nov. 30, 1993
D341910 Combined dental floss and holder Nov. 30, 1993
D341909 Dental floss dispenser Nov. 30, 1993
D341908 Hand dryer outlet unit Nov. 30, 1993
D341907 Dry shaver Nov. 30, 1993
D341906 Curling iron Nov. 30, 1993
D341905 Hood for use in hair and scalp treatment Nov. 30, 1993
D341904 Hair drier Nov. 30, 1993
D341903 Combined insulator cup and hanger for neon light Nov. 30, 1993
D341902 Long range fresnel lens array for infrared motion detector Nov. 30, 1993
D341901 Outdoor overhead lamp fixture Nov. 30, 1993
D341900 Combined emergency flashlight and AM/FM radio Nov. 30, 1993
D341899 Adjustable table lamp Nov. 30, 1993
D341898 Ceramic flooring and wall tile Nov. 30, 1993
D341897 Ceramic flooring tile Nov. 30, 1993
D341896 Decorative extrusion Nov. 30, 1993
D341895 Stepladder Nov. 30, 1993
D341894 Ceiling unit Nov. 30, 1993
D341893 Portable cordless neck massager Nov. 30, 1993
D341892 Baby bottle Nov. 30, 1993
D341891 Clip for a pacifier Nov. 30, 1993
D341890 Autotransfusion system housing Nov. 30, 1993
D341889 Respirator having line of sight illumination Nov. 30, 1993
D341888 Adhesive bandage Nov. 30, 1993
D341887 Hospital gas delivery system Nov. 30, 1993
D341886 Capsulorhexis forceps Nov. 30, 1993
D341885 Listening aid Nov. 30, 1993
D341884 Alignment rod Nov. 30, 1993
D341883 Specimen cup holder Nov. 30, 1993
D341882 Front panel for a room air conditioner Nov. 30, 1993

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