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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35948 Pharmaceutical compositions Nov. 3, 1998
RE35947 Optical element having durability enhancing layer Nov. 3, 1998
RE35946 Optical fibre amplifier with fluorescent additive and method of amplifying signals using same Nov. 3, 1998
RE35944 Method of everting a tube Nov. 3, 1998
RE35943 Soldering machine for rope chain Nov. 3, 1998
RE35942 Brick placing machine Nov. 3, 1998
RE35941 Mechanical toothbrush Nov. 3, 1998
PP10672 Spathiphyllum plant named `AD1000` Nov. 3, 1998
PP10671 Chrysanthemum plant named `Morena` Nov. 3, 1998
PP10670 Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Gustaf` Nov. 3, 1998
PP10669 Apple tree `Chinook` Nov. 3, 1998
PP10668 Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Meinerau` Nov. 3, 1998
PP10667 Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Jacosch` Nov. 3, 1998
PP10666 Miniature rose plant named `Meidonfe` Nov. 3, 1998
H1760 Process for glycol esters of an alkali metal salt of 5-sulfoisophthalic acid Nov. 3, 1998
H1759 Herbicidal benzyloxyphenyl-substituted heterocycles Nov. 3, 1998
H1758 Microwave amplifier having cross-polarized cavities Nov. 3, 1998
H1757 Method and apparatus for automated isokinetic sampling of combustor flue gases for continuous mo... Nov. 3, 1998
H1756 Apparatus and process for measuring the gradient of refractivity of a gas Nov. 3, 1998
D400684 Automatic teller machine cabinet Nov. 3, 1998
D400683 Casket shell Nov. 3, 1998
D400682 Pallet leg Nov. 3, 1998
D400681 Pallet Nov. 3, 1998
D400680 Conveyor belt module Nov. 3, 1998
D400679 Combined molded plastic shopping cart basket and rear panel Nov. 3, 1998
D400678 Supermarket cart caddy Nov. 3, 1998
D400677 Mechanic's recliner chair Nov. 3, 1998
D400676 Shelving unit Nov. 3, 1998
D400675 Light bar Nov. 3, 1998
D400674 Mask for maintaining warmth in nasal and lacrimal areas Nov. 3, 1998
D400673 Diagnostic analyzer Nov. 3, 1998
D400672 Pharmaceutical tablet Nov. 3, 1998
D400671 Ceiling fan blade Nov. 3, 1998
D400670 Duct Nov. 3, 1998
D400669 Baseboard heater cover Nov. 3, 1998
D400668 Personal football fan Nov. 3, 1998
D400667 Combined ceiling fan and light fixture Nov. 3, 1998
D400666 Ceiling fan Nov. 3, 1998
D400665 Heat dissipation fan Nov. 3, 1998
D400664 Aromatherapy pillow Nov. 3, 1998
D400663 Programmable air freshener Nov. 3, 1998
D400662 Heated volatile dispenser Nov. 3, 1998
D400661 Electronic air purifier Nov. 3, 1998
D400660 Air cleaner Nov. 3, 1998
D400659 Portable electric heater Nov. 3, 1998
D400658 Shower back scrubber Nov. 3, 1998
D400657 Wash basin with water distibution unit Nov. 3, 1998
D400656 Wash basin with attached shelves Nov. 3, 1998
D400655 Infant bathtub with compartment Nov. 3, 1998
D400654 Whirlpool bath Nov. 3, 1998

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