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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D466101 Clock radio receiver Nov. 26, 2002
D466100 Player/recorder Nov. 26, 2002
D466099 Interphone Nov. 26, 2002
D466098 Disc player Nov. 26, 2002
D466097 Telephone Nov. 26, 2002
D466096 Mobile phone with digital camera Nov. 26, 2002
D466095 Housing of an electronic extender Nov. 26, 2002
D466094 Circuit board Nov. 26, 2002
D466093 Hybird integrated circuit board Nov. 26, 2002
D466092 Heat dissipater Nov. 26, 2002
D466091 Keypad for controlling shades and lights Nov. 26, 2002
D466090 Keypad for controlling shades and lights Nov. 26, 2002
D466089 Access control device Nov. 26, 2002
D466088 Electric cord connector Nov. 26, 2002
D466087 Optical fiber connection cabinet Nov. 26, 2002
D466086 Electrical and data services module Nov. 26, 2002
D466085 Insulation boot for an electric device box Nov. 26, 2002
D466084 Electrical connector Nov. 26, 2002
D466083 Electrical connector Nov. 26, 2002
D466082 Electrical connector Nov. 26, 2002
D466081 Electrical connector Nov. 26, 2002
D466080 Low profile coaxial cable connector Nov. 26, 2002
D466079 Power strip Nov. 26, 2002
D466078 Current monitor Nov. 26, 2002
D466077 Portable power supply Nov. 26, 2002
D466076 Power converter Nov. 26, 2002
D466075 Battery charger Nov. 26, 2002
D466074 Adjustable storage device for use in a vehicle Nov. 26, 2002
D466073 Ribbed vehicle bed member with shaped closed rib ends Nov. 26, 2002
D466072 Vehicle nozzle Nov. 26, 2002
D466071 Automotive wheel Nov. 26, 2002
D466070 Automotive wheel Nov. 26, 2002
D466069 Automotive wheel Nov. 26, 2002
D466068 Wheel rim Nov. 26, 2002
D466067 Front face of a wheel Nov. 26, 2002
D466066 Vehicle wheel Nov. 26, 2002
D466065 Automotive wheel Nov. 26, 2002
D466064 Automotive wheel Nov. 26, 2002
D466063 Vehicle front end surface configuration Nov. 26, 2002
D466062 Vehicle gauge Nov. 26, 2002
D466061 Combined vehicle visor and phone Nov. 26, 2002
D466060 Vehicle trim fascia Nov. 26, 2002
D466059 Frontal configuration of a steering wheel Nov. 26, 2002
D466058 Pedals Nov. 26, 2002
D466057 Transparent automobile hood Nov. 26, 2002
D466056 Caliper insert for motorcycles Nov. 26, 2002
D466055 Bicycle Nov. 26, 2002
D466054 Vehicle exterior Nov. 26, 2002
D466053 Vehicle exterior Nov. 26, 2002
D466052 Automobile body Nov. 26, 2002

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