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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D581474 Shaft for lacrosse stick Nov. 25, 2008
D581473 Blade head for a golf putter Nov. 25, 2008
D581472 Golf putter Nov. 25, 2008
D581471 Abdominal exerciser Nov. 25, 2008
D581470 Fitness apparatus Nov. 25, 2008
D581469 Controller for radio control toys Nov. 25, 2008
D581468 Board game Nov. 25, 2008
D581467 Sticker Nov. 25, 2008
D581466 Correction tape Nov. 25, 2008
D581465 Notepad and tape flag dispenser Nov. 25, 2008
D581464 Species identification device Nov. 25, 2008
D581463 Pen cap Nov. 25, 2008
D581462 Knock type eraser Nov. 25, 2008
D581461 Highlighter Nov. 25, 2008
D581460 Pen Nov. 25, 2008
D581459 Binder divider with flash drive storage compartments Nov. 25, 2008
D581458 Device for storing papers or the like Nov. 25, 2008
D581457 Waste ink box for printer Nov. 25, 2008
D581456 Printer Nov. 25, 2008
D581455 Cutting apparatus Nov. 25, 2008
D581454 Character set of a font Nov. 25, 2008
D581453 Calculator Nov. 25, 2008
D581452 Point of sale device with display screen Nov. 25, 2008
D581451 Eyeglass Nov. 25, 2008
D581450 Eyeglass Nov. 25, 2008
D581449 Eyeglass Nov. 25, 2008
D581448 Eyeglasses Nov. 25, 2008
D581447 Eyeglass Nov. 25, 2008
D581446 Eyeglass Nov. 25, 2008
D581445 Pair of eyeglasses Nov. 25, 2008
D581444 Eyeglass components Nov. 25, 2008
D581443 Eyeglasses components Nov. 25, 2008
D581442 Swimming goggle Nov. 25, 2008
D581441 Electronic camera Nov. 25, 2008
D581440 Digital still camera Nov. 25, 2008
D581439 Video camera with hard disc recorder Nov. 25, 2008
D581438 Hydraulic mechanism Nov. 25, 2008
D581437 Barrier movement operator housing Nov. 25, 2008
D581436 Handle for appliance Nov. 25, 2008
D581435 Refrigerator Nov. 25, 2008
D581434 Water pump Nov. 25, 2008
D581433 Starter grip for an internal combustion engine Nov. 25, 2008
D581432 Diaphragm cover for a carburetor Nov. 25, 2008
D581431 Cover for an internal combustion engine Nov. 25, 2008
D581430 Digital player Nov. 25, 2008
D581429 Hand held device capable of communicating audio and video data Nov. 25, 2008
D581428 User interface module Nov. 25, 2008
D581427 Portion of battery charger display screen Nov. 25, 2008
D581426 Transitional image for a portion of a display screen Nov. 25, 2008
D581425 Icon for a portion of a display screen Nov. 25, 2008

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