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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE31089 Transducer system for continuous monitoring liquid levels in _storage tanks and the like Nov. 23, 1982
RE31088 Process for the manufacture of unsaturated aldehydes and acids from the corresponding olefins Nov. 23, 1982
RE31087 Method for separating oil from water Nov. 23, 1982
RE31086 Plastic hinge construction Nov. 23, 1982
RE31085 Coin chute to accommodate various coin slides having differently sized coins and coin combinatio... Nov. 23, 1982
RE31084 Swaging dies Nov. 23, 1982
PP4957 Avocado tree Nov. 23, 1982
PP4956 Apple tree Nov. 23, 1982
PP4955 Distinct variety of black walnut tree Nov. 23, 1982
PP4954 Distinct variety of black walnut tree Nov. 23, 1982
PP4953 Pistachio tree Nov. 23, 1982
D267049 Bird receiver for live poultry mover Nov. 23, 1982
D267048 Curtain material Nov. 23, 1982
D267047 Coin box Nov. 23, 1982
D267046 Lamp Nov. 23, 1982
D267045 Combined game and flashlight Nov. 23, 1982
D267044 Diagram for evaluation of amylase tests Nov. 23, 1982
D267043 Hydrotherapy spa Nov. 23, 1982
D267042 Glove for a beauty massager Nov. 23, 1982
D267041 Intraocular lens haptic loop Nov. 23, 1982
D267040 Support for platelet rotator Nov. 23, 1982
D267039 Heart rate indicator cabinet Nov. 23, 1982
D267038 Sphygmomanometer Nov. 23, 1982
D267037 Dialyzer cartridge Nov. 23, 1982
D267036 Dental handpiece or similar article Nov. 23, 1982
D267035 Wood burning stove Nov. 23, 1982
D267034 Coal burning stove Nov. 23, 1982
D267033 Variable height bathtub Nov. 23, 1982
D267032 Water purifier Nov. 23, 1982
D267031 Combined fishing rod and cane pole holder Nov. 23, 1982
D267030 Vertically adjustable basketball goal supporting device for attachment to backboards Nov. 23, 1982
D267029 Physical exerciser Nov. 23, 1982
D267028 Exercise board Nov. 23, 1982
D267027 Toy truck body Nov. 23, 1982
D267026 Toy saw Nov. 23, 1982
D267025 Toy space vehicle Nov. 23, 1982
D267024 Riding toy Nov. 23, 1982
D267023 Game board Nov. 23, 1982
D267022 Magnetic memo holder Nov. 23, 1982
D267021 Magnetic memo holder Nov. 23, 1982
D267020 Magnetic memo holder Nov. 23, 1982
D267019 Physiological display panel Nov. 23, 1982
D267018 Machine for binding books Nov. 23, 1982
D267017 Hand operated labeling machine Nov. 23, 1982
D267016 Noise abatement cover for typewriter Nov. 23, 1982
D267015 Noise abatement cover for typewriter Nov. 23, 1982
D267014 Drum Nov. 23, 1982
D267013 Developer powder container Nov. 23, 1982
D267012 Modular roller die unit Nov. 23, 1982
D267011 Magnetic drill stand Nov. 23, 1982

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