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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35787 Stone destroying catheter and method of use May. 5, 1998
RE35786 Television game apparatus May. 5, 1998
RE35785 Low-pressure chemical vapor deposition process for depositing high-density highly-conformal, tit... May. 5, 1998
RE35784 Submergible screw-type dental implant and method of utilization May. 5, 1998
RE35783 Injection molding machine having tiltable mounting plates May. 5, 1998
RE35782 In-situ landfill pyrolysis, remediation and vitrification May. 5, 1998
RE35781 Coding method of image information May. 5, 1998
RE35780 Constant ratio post-mix beverage dispensing valve May. 5, 1998
PP10384 Ba 78-258 Kentucky Bluegrass May. 5, 1998
PP10383 Guzmania plant named `Sunstar` May. 5, 1998
PP10382 Vriesia plant named `Prominent` May. 5, 1998
PP10381 Kalanchoe plant named `Sofie` May. 5, 1998
PP10380 Geranium named `Free Light Lav` May. 5, 1998
PP10379 Philox plant named `Shortwood` May. 5, 1998
PP10378 Fuchsia plant, Sanihanf May. 5, 1998
PP10377 Fuchsia plant, Sanistanf May. 5, 1998
PP10376 Chrysanthemum plant named `Orange State` May. 5, 1998
PP10375 Chrysanthemum plant named `Arabella` May. 5, 1998
PP10374 Hippeastrum (Amaryllis) plant named `Double six` May. 5, 1998
PP10373 Hippeastrum (amaryllis) plant named `Rozetta` May. 5, 1998
PP10372 Hydrangea plant named `Frau Taiko` May. 5, 1998
PP10371 Hydrangea plant named `Frau Nobuko` May. 5, 1998
PP10370 Azalea--`Jean Panzer` May. 5, 1998
H1730 Functionalized star polymers May. 5, 1998
H1729 Method for preparing compounds employing solid phase synthesis and novel linker-resin May. 5, 1998
H1728 Simulator May. 5, 1998
H1727 Heat sealable packaging materials having a peelable, easy-opening feature May. 5, 1998
H1726 CFAR time-frequency processor for signal detection and extraction in noise May. 5, 1998
H1725 Clear polyphenylene ether/block copolymer composition May. 5, 1998
D394134 Foot scrubbing device May. 5, 1998
D394133 Combined toothbrush cleaner and holder May. 5, 1998
D394132 Mobile self-contained pumping unit May. 5, 1998
D394131 Compact case May. 5, 1998
D394130 Toothpick May. 5, 1998
D394129 Nail file May. 5, 1998
D394128 Cuticle Shaper/Nail file May. 5, 1998
D394127 Lamp glass shade May. 5, 1998
D394126 Lamp glass shade May. 5, 1998
D394125 Lamp with tapered hexagonal stem May. 5, 1998
D394124 Decorative housing May. 5, 1998
D394123 Twins spotlight May. 5, 1998
D394122 Combined rechargeable flashlight and base therefor May. 5, 1998
D394121 Dock light May. 5, 1998
D394120 Window component extrusion May. 5, 1998
D394119 Window component extrusion May. 5, 1998
D394117 Window component extrusion May. 5, 1998
D394116 Picture window May. 5, 1998
D394115 Double hung window May. 5, 1998
D394114 Bioentrainment module May. 5, 1998
D394113 Baby bottle May. 5, 1998

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