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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
T101805 Method for producing alkali metal salts of carboxymethyloxysuccinic acid May. 4, 1982
T101804 Integrated circuit layout utilizing separated active circuit and wiring regions May. 4, 1982
T101803 Production of urea-ammonium sulfate suspension fertilizer May. 4, 1982
T101802 Low polyphosphate suspension fertilizers from wet-process acid May. 4, 1982
T101801 Apparatus and method for accurately setting a gap between mating surfaces on a copier magnetic b... May. 4, 1982
RE30923 Calculator keyboard switch with disc spring contact and printed circuit board May. 4, 1982
RE30922 Vinyl end-capped polyimide oligomers May. 4, 1982
RE30921 Apparatus for setting up folded cartons May. 4, 1982
RE30920 Yarn tensioning device and method May. 4, 1982
RE30919 High-speed rotating crushing machinery May. 4, 1982
RE30918 Tire and center support assembling apparatus May. 4, 1982
PP4844 Rose plant -- JP 330 May. 4, 1982
PP4843 Rose plant 72-2461 May. 4, 1982
D264264 Teller machine module May. 4, 1982
D264263 Teller machine module May. 4, 1982
D264262 Cart May. 4, 1982
D264261 Kitty litter outhouse May. 4, 1982
D264260 Flea collar buckle May. 4, 1982
D264259 Antfarm May. 4, 1982
D264258 Hair curling iron May. 4, 1982
D264257 Cigarette lighter May. 4, 1982
D264256 Tobacco tester May. 4, 1982
D264255 Lamp May. 4, 1982
D264254 Multiple spotlight fitting May. 4, 1982
D264253 Wall mounted lighting fixture May. 4, 1982
D264252 Lamp May. 4, 1982
D264251 Lantern May. 4, 1982
D264250 House May. 4, 1982
D264249 Ear plug May. 4, 1982
D264248 Midstream collection device May. 4, 1982
D264247 Culture vial or the like May. 4, 1982
D264246 Surgical aspiration catheter May. 4, 1982
D264245 Laparotomy sponge container May. 4, 1982
D264244 Medicinal sponge container May. 4, 1982
D264243 Cabinet for electrical wave generator and monitor for physical theraphy May. 4, 1982
D264242 Treatment table extension frame for spinal traction May. 4, 1982
D264241 Filter for a paint booth or the like May. 4, 1982
D264240 Adjustable holster May. 4, 1982
D264239 Golf aid May. 4, 1982
D264238 Ring with handgrips for group skating May. 4, 1982
D264237 Exerciser May. 4, 1982
D264236 Arm wrestling exercise table May. 4, 1982
D264235 Bicycle exerciser May. 4, 1982
D264234 Toy vehicle May. 4, 1982
D264233 Vehicle frame May. 4, 1982
D264232 Holder for fixedly retaining toy templates May. 4, 1982
D264231 Housing for an electronic amusement device May. 4, 1982
D264230 Hand-held electronic basketball game housing or the like May. 4, 1982
D264229 Hand-held electronic tennis game housing or the like May. 4, 1982
D264228 Electronic hand-held soccer game housing or the like May. 4, 1982

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