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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D504666 Closure for conduits for cables May. 3, 2005
D504665 Electrical, connector terminal May. 3, 2005
D504664 Co-axial cable connector May. 3, 2005
D504663 Portable electric generator May. 3, 2005
D504662 Inverter-charger May. 3, 2005
D504661 Jump starter May. 3, 2005
D504660 Jump starter May. 3, 2005
D504659 Extended battery May. 3, 2005
D504658 Tire tread May. 3, 2005
D504657 Tire tread May. 3, 2005
D504656 Tire tread May. 3, 2005
D504655 Tire tread May. 3, 2005
D504654 Aircraft May. 3, 2005
D504653 Portable, ground-engaging anchor for the static end of a winch cable May. 3, 2005
D504652 Vehicle tire rim or hubcap cover May. 3, 2005
D504651 Front face of a vehicle wheel May. 3, 2005
D504650 Wheel for an automobile May. 3, 2005
D504649 Front face of a vehicle wheel May. 3, 2005
D504648 Front face of a vehicle wheel May. 3, 2005
D504647 Front face of a vehicle wheel May. 3, 2005
D504646 Front portion of automobile May. 3, 2005
D504645 Instrument panel May. 3, 2005
D504644 Instrument panel May. 3, 2005
D504643 Instrument panel May. 3, 2005
D504642 Hood for an over the highway truck May. 3, 2005
D504641 Bumper for an automobile May. 3, 2005
D504640 Motorcycle May. 3, 2005
D504639 Automobile and/or toy replica thereof May. 3, 2005
D504638 Truck May. 3, 2005
D504637 Christmas tree character with tree top star May. 3, 2005
D504636 Maharaja cut jewel May. 3, 2005
D504635 Ring May. 3, 2005
D504634 Compact electronic article surveillance device May. 3, 2005
D504633 In-vehicle interface May. 3, 2005
D504632 Pedometer May. 3, 2005
D504631 Food scale May. 3, 2005
D504630 Tire pressure gauge May. 3, 2005
D504629 In-vehicle interface May. 3, 2005
D504628 Tape measure housing May. 3, 2005
D504627 Sensor May. 3, 2005
D504626 Level May. 3, 2005
D504625 Ear thermometer May. 3, 2005
D504624 Watchcase May. 3, 2005
D504623 Wrist watch May. 3, 2005
D504622 Stand-up pouch May. 3, 2005
D504621 Skull shaped bag May. 3, 2005
D504620 Pump bottle May. 3, 2005
D504619 Bottle May. 3, 2005
D504618 Bottle May. 3, 2005
D504617 Container May. 3, 2005

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