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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D521537 Diamond-shaped face on diamond-shaped face on blowout preventers, valves, chokes, or the like May. 23, 2006
D521536 Handle for a bottle cooler May. 23, 2006
D521535 Cooling machine May. 23, 2006
D521534 Sewing machine May. 23, 2006
D521533 Sewing machine May. 23, 2006
D521532 Combined hood and front grill portion of an agricultural tractor May. 23, 2006
D521531 Grain drill depth adjustment tool May. 23, 2006
D521530 Snow thrower with an ergonomic handle May. 23, 2006
D521529 Engine May. 23, 2006
D521528 Internal combustion engine May. 23, 2006
D521527 Portable multimedia player May. 23, 2006
D521526 Video enhancer May. 23, 2006
D521525 Carriageable multimedia receiver May. 23, 2006
D521524 Multi-media player enclosure May. 23, 2006
D521523 Icon for the display screen of a cellulary communicative electronic device May. 23, 2006
D521522 Icon for the display screen of a cellulary communicative electronic device May. 23, 2006
D521521 Progress indicator for a touch-based user interface for an image processing office machine May. 23, 2006
D521520 Computer front bezel May. 23, 2006
D521519 Computer front bezel May. 23, 2006
D521518 Computer front bezel May. 23, 2006
D521517 Mouse with upper indicator light May. 23, 2006
D521516 Mouse May. 23, 2006
D521515 Mouse May. 23, 2006
D521514 Border and special function keys for a keyboard or similar article May. 23, 2006
D521513 Computer keyboard May. 23, 2006
D521512 Input/output device May. 23, 2006
D521511 LCD monitor May. 23, 2006
D521510 Network device May. 23, 2006
D521509 USB memory stick May. 23, 2006
D521508 Photo album May. 23, 2006
D521507 Portable computer case May. 23, 2006
D521506 Keyboard for a handheld communication device May. 23, 2006
D521505 Set of buttons for operating an electrical device May. 23, 2006
D521504 Surface mount box May. 23, 2006
D521503 Television antenna May. 23, 2006
D521502 Headphone May. 23, 2006
D521501 Remote control May. 23, 2006
D521500 Television remote control calculator May. 23, 2006
D521499 Controller for digital audio disk player May. 23, 2006
D521498 Speaker May. 23, 2006
D521497 Speaker box May. 23, 2006
D521496 Speaker box May. 23, 2006
D521495 Speaker box May. 23, 2006
D521494 Loudspeaker May. 23, 2006
D521493 Gaming headphone May. 23, 2006
D521492 Earloop for a communications headset May. 23, 2006
D521491 Boom box-shaped on-premises electronic pager with charging notch May. 23, 2006
D521490 Emergency radio May. 23, 2006
D521489 Intercom base unit May. 23, 2006
D521488 Digital video disc player for an automobile May. 23, 2006

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