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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D521688 Protective helmet May. 23, 2006
D521687 Handle for disposable flossers May. 23, 2006
D521686 Toothpick May. 23, 2006
D521685 Double headed tweezers May. 23, 2006
D521684 Hair trimmer May. 23, 2006
D521683 Beard trimmer May. 23, 2006
D521682 T-shirt lighter May. 23, 2006
D521681 Ball lighter May. 23, 2006
D521680 Power saw lighter May. 23, 2006
D521679 Ashtray May. 23, 2006
D521678 Light fixture May. 23, 2006
D521677 Portion of a lighting fixture May. 23, 2006
D521676 Lighting fixture May. 23, 2006
D521675 Pendant lamp May. 23, 2006
D521674 LED reading lamp May. 23, 2006
D521673 Desk lighting fixture May. 23, 2006
D521672 Lamp May. 23, 2006
D521671 Table lamp May. 23, 2006
D521670 Flashlight May. 23, 2006
D521669 Indoor/outdoor rechargeable lamp May. 23, 2006
D521668 Flashlight May. 23, 2006
D521667 Portable light emitting diode flashlight May. 23, 2006
D521666 Portable light emitting diode flashlight May. 23, 2006
D521665 Lamp for vehicles May. 23, 2006
D521664 Exterior surface configuration of a vehicle rear light May. 23, 2006
D521663 Headlamp for vehicle May. 23, 2006
D521662 Headlamp for vehicle May. 23, 2006
D521661 Rear lamp for a motor vehicle May. 23, 2006
D521660 Rear combination lamp for an automobile May. 23, 2006
D521659 Decoration lamp May. 23, 2006
D521658 Small wave wire form ceiling panel May. 23, 2006
D521657 Trim systems component for building structures May. 23, 2006
D521656 Adjustable cladding assembly May. 23, 2006
D521655 Window component extrusion May. 23, 2006
D521654 Landscape edging blocks May. 23, 2006
D521653 Block May. 23, 2006
D521652 Sectional overhead door May. 23, 2006
D521651 Sectional overhead door May. 23, 2006
D521650 Sectional overhead door May. 23, 2006
D521649 Building May. 23, 2006
D521648 Palm-size multi-functional massage device May. 23, 2006
D521646 Pacifier May. 23, 2006
D521645 Syme amputation boot for a locked ankle May. 23, 2006
D521644 Support brace May. 23, 2006
D521643 Analyzer for blood gas and electrolytes May. 23, 2006
D521642 Orbital implant pin May. 23, 2006
D521641 Electrosurgical pencil with three button control May. 23, 2006
D521640 Canister with head unit May. 23, 2006
D521639 Ophthalmic delivery device May. 23, 2006
D521638 Ophthalmic delivery device May. 23, 2006

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