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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE39107 Cap operated retractable medical device May. 23, 2006
RE39106 Photohardenable epoxy composition May. 23, 2006
RE39105 Polymethine compounds, method of producing same, and use thereof May. 23, 2006
RE39104 Process for the production of dry pharmaceutical forms and the thus obtained pharmaceutical comp... May. 23, 2006
RE39103 Timing reference for scheduling data traffic on multiple ports May. 23, 2006
RE39102 Optical fiber probe for position measurement May. 23, 2006
RE39101 Seat device of a vehicle May. 23, 2006
RE39100 Duplex carton label/packing list May. 23, 2006
RE39099 Spectrometer provided with pulsed ion source and transmission device to damp ion motion and meth... May. 23, 2006
RE39098 Porous pellet adsorbents fabricated from nanocrystals May. 23, 2006
RE39097 Metal support framework for low profile raised panel flooring May. 23, 2006
PP16574 Sugar maple tree named `BAKrise` May. 23, 2006
PP16573 River birch tree named `WHIT XXV` May. 23, 2006
PP16572 Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `WEKblunez` May. 23, 2006
PP16571 Strawberry plant named `Clancy` May. 23, 2006
PP16570 Pekin lilac tree named `SunDak` May. 23, 2006
PP16569 Nemesia plant named `Nemhswhi` May. 23, 2006
PP16568 Senecio plant named `Sunsenerapi` May. 23, 2006
PP16567 Felicia plant named `King Fisher` May. 23, 2006
PP16566 Mint plant `Kushal` for late transplanting May. 23, 2006
PP16565 Gaura plant named `Gautalwhi` May. 23, 2006
PP16564 Osteospermum plant named `Sunny Elizabeth` May. 23, 2006
PP16563 Artichoke plant named `BCA 3-21` May. 23, 2006
PP16562 Gentiana plant named `Marsha` May. 23, 2006
PP16561 Lily plant named `Dordogne` May. 23, 2006
PP16560 Heuchera plant named `Caramel` May. 23, 2006
PP16559 Apple tree named `Nicogreen` May. 23, 2006
PP16558 Strawberry plant named `Sabrosa` May. 23, 2006
D521710 Portable ramp May. 23, 2006
D521709 Bulk item cart May. 23, 2006
D521708 Mechanic's creeper with tool trays May. 23, 2006
D521707 Garbage can May. 23, 2006
D521706 Trash can May. 23, 2006
D521705 Paint brush clip May. 23, 2006
D521704 Portion for a floor cleaner foot May. 23, 2006
D521703 Feature of an upper portion of an upright vacuum cleaner May. 23, 2006
D521702 Cabinet for drum type washing machine May. 23, 2006
D521701 Upper housing of a floor care appliance May. 23, 2006
D521700 Combination wet/dry vacuum cleaner May. 23, 2006
D521699 Lightweight upright vacuum cleaner May. 23, 2006
D521698 Vacuum cleaner May. 23, 2006
D521697 Water filter vacuum cleaner May. 23, 2006
D521696 Body of vacuum cleaner May. 23, 2006
D521695 Backpack canister vacuum cleaner May. 23, 2006
D521694 Pressure washer May. 23, 2006
D521693 Shoe for dogs May. 23, 2006
D521692 Show blanket for horses May. 23, 2006
D521691 Reversible, waffled saddle pad May. 23, 2006
D521690 Pet feeding station May. 23, 2006
D521689 Hummingbird feeder May. 23, 2006

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