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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30939 Transfer of a flexible web member from supply reel to a take-up reel May. 18, 1982
RE30938 Line edge follower May. 18, 1982
RE30937 Apparatus for gas collection in open electric smelting furnaces May. 18, 1982
RE30936 Safety control for furnace burner May. 18, 1982
RE30935 Method of starting gas production by injecting nitrogen-generating liquid May. 18, 1982
RE30934 Hydraulic drive for the die closing unit of an injection molding machine May. 18, 1982
RE30933 Apparatus for continuous treatment of low-carbon cold-rolled steel sheet having excellent cold w... May. 18, 1982
RE30932 Vibrator device May. 18, 1982
RE30931 Warp knitting machine with compound needles May. 18, 1982
RE30930 Glazing strip and method May. 18, 1982
PP4848 Rose plant 71-11223 May. 18, 1982
PP4847 Rose plant JP 76-5492 May. 18, 1982
D264514 Changing tray for infants May. 18, 1982
D264513 Bakery tray May. 18, 1982
D264512 Embossed continuous sheet tissue-like material or similar article May. 18, 1982
D264511 Antfarm May. 18, 1982
D264510 Lighted compact May. 18, 1982
D264509 Fingernail clipper or the like May. 18, 1982
D264508 Dental light May. 18, 1982
D264507 Posture pillow May. 18, 1982
D264506 Percussor apparatus May. 18, 1982
D264505 Hydrotherapy spa May. 18, 1982
D264504 Gas tonometer May. 18, 1982
D264503 Actuator for maintaining the position of a container cover May. 18, 1982
D264502 Apparatus for developing X-ray films May. 18, 1982
D264501 Heat retrieval unit for installation into a flue duct May. 18, 1982
D264500 Heat retrieval unit May. 18, 1982
D264499 Wood burning stove May. 18, 1982
D264498 Stove May. 18, 1982
D264497 Fireplace insert May. 18, 1982
D264496 Stove May. 18, 1982
D264495 Carburetor air intake heater May. 18, 1982
D264494 Pipeline protector May. 18, 1982
D264493 Butterfly valve May. 18, 1982
D264492 Watering can May. 18, 1982
D264491 Sprinkler May. 18, 1982
D264490 Fly May. 18, 1982
D264489 Water ski tow handle May. 18, 1982
D264488 Golf club head May. 18, 1982
D264487 Golf putter head May. 18, 1982
D264486 Kite May. 18, 1982
D264485 Casing for amusement apparatus May. 18, 1982
D264484 Game board May. 18, 1982
D264483 Target for toss game May. 18, 1982
D264482 Pop toy May. 18, 1982
D264481 Periodical holder May. 18, 1982
D264480 Solar energy demonstrator May. 18, 1982
D264479 Pen May. 18, 1982
D264478 Font of characters May. 18, 1982
D264477 Guitar fretboard or the like May. 18, 1982

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