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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D307927 Bird figure May. 15, 1990
D307926 Reconfigurable toy scorpion May. 15, 1990
D307925 Toy car May. 15, 1990
D307924 Construction toy gable block May. 15, 1990
D307923 Toy spaceship May. 15, 1990
D307922 Game board May. 15, 1990
D307921 Joy stick controller for video game May. 15, 1990
D307920 Protective end cap for a ball point pen May. 15, 1990
D307919 Grip portion for a writing instrument May. 15, 1990
D307918 Cassette for a thermicly printing machine or the like May. 15, 1990
D307917 Calculator or similar article May. 15, 1990
D307916 Still camera with built-in flash unit May. 15, 1990
D307915 Camera housing May. 15, 1990
D307914 Prism assembly May. 15, 1990
D307913 Lubricator May. 15, 1990
D307912 Snowblower May. 15, 1990
D307911 Walking operator type lawn mower May. 15, 1990
D307910 Controller for television camera May. 15, 1990
D307909 Front panel for a compact disc player May. 15, 1990
D307908 Housing for telephonic equipment May. 15, 1990
D307907 Microphone or similar article May. 15, 1990
D307906 Two-way mobile radio May. 15, 1990
D307905 Base for a telephone set May. 15, 1990
D307904 Desk top telephone set May. 15, 1990
D307903 Telephone set May. 15, 1990
D307902 Video cassette recorder May. 15, 1990
D307901 Video cassette recorder May. 15, 1990
D307900 Video cassette recorder May. 15, 1990
D307899 Television set May. 15, 1990
D307898 Video cassette recorder May. 15, 1990
D307897 Television set May. 15, 1990
D307896 Television set May. 15, 1990
D307895 Television set May. 15, 1990
D307894 Hand-held laser scanner May. 15, 1990
D307893 Magnetic recording disk cartridge May. 15, 1990
D307892 Word processor having function of electronic computer May. 15, 1990
D307891 Compact enclosure for personal computers May. 15, 1990
D307890 Hand held data entry terminal May. 15, 1990
D307889 Computer May. 15, 1990
D307888 Programming device for sequence controller May. 15, 1990
D307887 Receptacle plug combination May. 15, 1990
D307886 Battery May. 15, 1990
D307885 Aircraft May. 15, 1990
D307884 Air vehicle May. 15, 1990
D307883 Bracket for supporting a mounting bar on a vehicle May. 15, 1990
D307882 Roll-up pick-up cargo cover May. 15, 1990
D307881 Tire May. 15, 1990
D307880 Tire May. 15, 1990
D307879 Baby carriage May. 15, 1990
D307878 Truck cab body May. 15, 1990

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