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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35795 Method of making flowable alkaline thiosulfate/alkaline sulfite and the product thereof May. 12, 1998
RE35794 System for reducing delay for execution subsequent to correctly predicted branch instruction usi... May. 12, 1998
RE35793 Measuring and monitoring system May. 12, 1998
RE35792 Disk storage drive May. 12, 1998
RE35791 Printed sheet with integrally formed stamps May. 12, 1998
RE35790 System for drilling deviated boreholes May. 12, 1998
RE35789 Food processing machine May. 12, 1998
RE35788 Method of and arrangement for rehabilitating a ballast bed of a track May. 12, 1998
PP10400 Vriesea plant named Apollo May. 12, 1998
PP10399 Geranium plant named `BFP-1328 Red` May. 12, 1998
PP10398 Geranium plant named `BFP-484 White` May. 12, 1998
PP10397 Geranium plant named `BFP-1409 Light Salmon` May. 12, 1998
PP10396 Geranium plant named `Pink Passion` May. 12, 1998
PP10395 Geranium plant named `Purple Rose` May. 12, 1998
PP10394 Phalaenopsis orchid plant named `Sylba` May. 12, 1998
PP10393 Doritaenopsis orchid plant named `Aposya` May. 12, 1998
PP10392 Phalaenopsis orchid plant named `Abylos` May. 12, 1998
PP10391 Chrysanthemum plant named `Traviata` May. 12, 1998
PP10390 Chrysanthemum plant named `Raspberry Ice` May. 12, 1998
PP10389 Osteospermum plant named `Cape Daisy Zulu` May. 12, 1998
PP10388 Rhododendron plant named `Northern Starburst` May. 12, 1998
PP10387 Peach tree `Valley Sweet` May. 12, 1998
PP10386 Interspecific tree "Geo Pride" May. 12, 1998
PP10385 Plum tree "Joanna Red" May. 12, 1998
D394334 Animal nursing feeder May. 12, 1998
D394333 Knee pad May. 12, 1998
D394332 Knee pad May. 12, 1998
D394331 Liquid container with bath brush May. 12, 1998
D394330 Sponge mitten May. 12, 1998
D394329 Dry shaver May. 12, 1998
D394328 Combined suntan lotion distributor and cap therefor May. 12, 1998
D394327 Lamp body May. 12, 1998
D394326 Table Lamp May. 12, 1998
D394325 Wall lamp May. 12, 1998
D394324 Table lamp May. 12, 1998
D394323 Light fixture for mounting on a wall May. 12, 1998
D394322 Lantern May. 12, 1998
D394321 Flashlight May. 12, 1998
D394320 Flooring surface May. 12, 1998
D394319 Flooring surface May. 12, 1998
D394318 Condominium facade May. 12, 1998
D394317 Combined housing and removable cap of a sample analyzer May. 12, 1998
D394316 Radiation therapy machine May. 12, 1998
D394315 Surgical saw blade hub May. 12, 1998
D394314 Delrin cardiocare stethoscope May. 12, 1998
D394313 Spacer device for dispensing inhalant medication May. 12, 1998
D394312 Burner part May. 12, 1998
D394311 Portable air purifier May. 12, 1998
D394310 Shower head valve May. 12, 1998
D394309 Toilet May. 12, 1998

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