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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30880 Low D.E. starch conversion products Mar. 9, 1982
RE30879 Method for producing low oxide metal powders Mar. 9, 1982
RE30878 Copying apparatus cover Mar. 9, 1982
RE30877 Mechanism for releasably attaching an object to a kite Mar. 9, 1982
PP4829 Chrysanthemum named Rocket Mar. 9, 1982
D263344 Teller machine wall unit or the like Mar. 9, 1982
D263343 Curtain material Mar. 9, 1982
D263342 Curtain material Mar. 9, 1982
D263341 Curler Mar. 9, 1982
D263340 Garden light fixture Mar. 9, 1982
D263339 Wall paneling Mar. 9, 1982
D263338 Building for lubricating and oil servicing of automotive vehicles Mar. 9, 1982
D263337 Oxygen humidifier Mar. 9, 1982
D263336 Combination obstetrical support and receptacle Mar. 9, 1982
D263335 Flow control device, or the like Mar. 9, 1982
D263334 Air freshener Mar. 9, 1982
D263333 Firebox intake door Mar. 9, 1982
D263332 Bracket for supporting a sprinkler head Mar. 9, 1982
D263331 Spray nozzle body Mar. 9, 1982
D263330 Golf club shaft Mar. 9, 1982
D263329 Hockey goal-tender's stick Mar. 9, 1982
D263328 Adjustable chest expander exerciser Mar. 9, 1982
D263327 Exercise bar Mar. 9, 1982
D263326 Jump rope Mar. 9, 1982
D263325 Toy folding firetruck Mar. 9, 1982
D263324 Toy construction piece Mar. 9, 1982
D263323 Combined puzzle and construction toy Mar. 9, 1982
D263322 Aerial toy Mar. 9, 1982
D263321 Eight player video gambling machine Mar. 9, 1982
D263320 Two player video gambling machine Mar. 9, 1982
D263319 Display card holder Mar. 9, 1982
D263318 Pen or similar article Mar. 9, 1982
D263317 Pen Mar. 9, 1982
D263316 Controlled lettering scriber Mar. 9, 1982
D263315 Three section envelope blank Mar. 9, 1982
D263314 Marking machine Mar. 9, 1982
D263313 Photographic close up setting apparatus Mar. 9, 1982
D263312 Electrostatic copier Mar. 9, 1982
D263311 Electrostatic copier Mar. 9, 1982
D263310 Single lens reflex camera Mar. 9, 1982
D263309 Dispenser and applicator apparatus for wrapping of stained glass with foil Mar. 9, 1982
D263308 Four-wheel drive transfer case shaft extender Mar. 9, 1982
D263307 Paint mixer for mixing cylindrical cans of paint Mar. 9, 1982
D263306 Dry blast cabinet Mar. 9, 1982
D263305 Pressure cooker Mar. 9, 1982
D263304 Skin for vacuum sweeper Mar. 9, 1982
D263303 Sectionalized panel and cowl for covering a windshield Mar. 9, 1982
D263302 Vacuum pump Mar. 9, 1982
D263301 Boat planing inducing attachment for marine outboard motors and marine inboard/outboard power un... Mar. 9, 1982
D263300 Dictating machine Mar. 9, 1982

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