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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38709 Electrical raceway assembly Mar. 8, 2005
PP15648 Geranium plant named `Genstarvi` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15647 Raspberry plant named `Jaclyn` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15646 Impatiens plant named `Tamar Cherry Red` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15645 Rose plant named `POULac009` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15644 Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S71` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15643 Rose plant named `POULcs006` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15642 Variety of calla lily named `Hawaii` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15641 Helleborus plant named `HGC Green Corsican` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15640 Helleborus plant named `HGC Jericho` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15639 Helleborus plant named `HGC Silvermoon` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15638 Hybrid Tea rose plant named `Frivolous Pink` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15637 Carnation plant named `Yoder Mist` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15636 Leucanthemum plant named `Kiedai` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15635 Antirrhinum plant named `Sulte Broe` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15634 Argyranthemum plant named `OHAR01240` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15633 Geranium plant named `Amri Derose Two` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15632 Osteospermum plant named `Iringa` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15631 Ageratum plant named `Agrosamtis` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15630 Geranium plant named `Clips Whitspla` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15629 Bracteantha plant named `OHB003790` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15628 Hybrid tea rose plant named `TAN99065` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15627 Ageratum plant named `Agetis` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15626 Gladiolus hybrid plant `The Saint` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15625 Loropetalum chinense variety rubrum named `Melting Pot` Mar. 8, 2005
PP15624 Hydrangea paniculata plant named `Shikoku Flash` Mar. 8, 2005
D502795 Funeral urn Mar. 8, 2005
D502794 Planter cart Mar. 8, 2005
D502793 Cart Mar. 8, 2005
D502792 Steam iron Mar. 8, 2005
D502791 Steam iron Mar. 8, 2005
D502790 Scrubber holder Mar. 8, 2005
D502789 Upper handle of a floor care appliance Mar. 8, 2005
D502788 Combined dish washing machine and drying machine Mar. 8, 2005
D502787 Mouth guard Mar. 8, 2005
D502786 Color service station Mar. 8, 2005
D502785 Shaver Mar. 8, 2005
D502784 Rotary shaver Mar. 8, 2005
D502783 Hair dryer Mar. 8, 2005
D502782 Cocktail lamp Mar. 8, 2005
D502781 Cabana solar light Mar. 8, 2005
D502780 Rear combination lamp for an automobile Mar. 8, 2005
D502779 Front combination lamp for an automobile Mar. 8, 2005
D502778 Extruded organizer bar Mar. 8, 2005
D502777 Independently adjustable height work support Mar. 8, 2005
D502776 Simple roof greek key design barzebo Mar. 8, 2005
D502775 Extended port sample processing device Mar. 8, 2005
D502774 Cloth cover for a baby bottle with elastic mouth and with see-through slot Mar. 8, 2005
D502773 Trolley stand stop plate for medical lamp Mar. 8, 2005
D502772 Trolley stand stop block for medical lamp Mar. 8, 2005

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