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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE32885 Air brake with collet locked push rod and air supply system Mar. 7, 1989
RE32884 Superfine tooth seat back adjuster Mar. 7, 1989
RE32883 Quarternary ammonium sulfate or sulfonate charge control agents for electrophotographic develope... Mar. 7, 1989
RE32882 Remote control system circuit breaker Mar. 7, 1989
PP6660 Hybrid Asiatic lily named Ruby Pixie Mar. 7, 1989
PP6659 Hybrid Asiatic lily named Quickstep Mar. 7, 1989
PP6658 Hybrid Asiatic lily named Progress Mar. 7, 1989
PP6657 Variety of geranium named Sabrina (Oglevee No. 126) Mar. 7, 1989
PP6656 Juniperus sabina cv. Monard Mar. 7, 1989
PP6655 Yellow leaf Forsythia `Clems` Mar. 7, 1989
PP6654 Geranium plant `#854-(82-114-7) Juliet` Mar. 7, 1989
PP6653 Rose plant Jachop Mar. 7, 1989
PP6652 Variety of geranium named 67 Mar. 7, 1989
PP6651 Kalanchoe plant named Caprice Mar. 7, 1989
PP6650 Kalanchoe plant named Helios Mar. 7, 1989
PP6649 Kalanchoe plant named Harmony Mar. 7, 1989
PP6648 Kalanchoe plant named Charme Mar. 7, 1989
PP6647 African violet plant named Midnight Ruffles Mar. 7, 1989
PP6646 African violet plant named Primadonna Mar. 7, 1989
PP6645 African violet plant named Sweetheart Mar. 7, 1989
H610 Cellular pager Mar. 7, 1989
H609 CCD transversal filter using weighted input Mar. 7, 1989
H608 Detecting multiple phase flow in a conduit Mar. 7, 1989
H607 Addressable delay memory Mar. 7, 1989
H606 Pressure sensor assembly Mar. 7, 1989
H605 Multi-element adaptive antenna array Mar. 7, 1989
H604 Method of preparing 2,4,4,5,5,6,6-heptafluoro-2-trifluoromethyl-3-oxaheptane-1,7-diol polyfo... Mar. 7, 1989
H603 Methods of making and using adhesive resins and glue mixes Mar. 7, 1989
H602 Whole blood diluting solution Mar. 7, 1989
H601 Ceramic fiber thermal protection coating Mar. 7, 1989
H600 Whole blood analytical element and method of analyzing whole blood using the same Mar. 7, 1989
H599 Apparatus and method for simulating material damage from a fusion reactor Mar. 7, 1989
H598 Tokamak reactor first wall Mar. 7, 1989
H597 Method of etching zirconium diboride Mar. 7, 1989
H596 Method of etching titanium diboride Mar. 7, 1989
H595 Field splice assembly for tactical fiber optic cable Mar. 7, 1989
H594 Jacketed pipeline system with pressurized gas to resist external stress Mar. 7, 1989
H593 Electromechanical safe and arm mechanism Mar. 7, 1989
H592 Shell feeder for telescoped ammunition Mar. 7, 1989
H591 Method of manufacturing of a magic ring Mar. 7, 1989
D300179 Building Mar. 7, 1989
D300178 Elevated garden unit Mar. 7, 1989
D300177 Spike connector with reverse taper Mar. 7, 1989
D300176 Airway Mar. 7, 1989
D300175 Transvaginal probe for use in pelvic scanning or the like Mar. 7, 1989
D300174 Gable ventilator Mar. 7, 1989
D300173 Air-conditioner Mar. 7, 1989
D300172 Life jacket inflation unit Mar. 7, 1989
D300171 Valve housing Mar. 7, 1989
D300170 Aspiration sprayer Mar. 7, 1989

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