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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35759 Polyester-acrylic graft polymers for use in powder coatings Mar. 31, 1998
RE35758 Voice/data-formatted telephone information storage and retrieval system Mar. 31, 1998
RE35757 Split windshield assembly for recreation vehicle Mar. 31, 1998
RE35756 Method of production of workpieces by welding equipment Mar. 31, 1998
PP10313 Geranium named `Guichara` Mar. 31, 1998
PP10312 Alstromeria plant named `Loiricha` Mar. 31, 1998
PP10311 Verbena plant named `SUNVP-SU` Mar. 31, 1998
PP10310 Petunia plant named `Revolution Pastelpink No. 3` Mar. 31, 1998
PP10309 Petunia plant named `Albert` Mar. 31, 1998
PP10308 Rosemary plant named `Silver Spires` Mar. 31, 1998
PP10307 Pear rootstock BP3 Mar. 31, 1998
D393134 Forklift truck Mar. 31, 1998
D393133 Roof car for suspending a working cage Mar. 31, 1998
D393132 Adjustable cooler caddie Mar. 31, 1998
D393131 Garden tool caddy Mar. 31, 1998
D393130 Scraper device Mar. 31, 1998
D393129 Wheel barrow Mar. 31, 1998
D393128 Multiple meal delivery cart Mar. 31, 1998
D393127 Utility cart frame Mar. 31, 1998
D393126 Ash receptacle cover Mar. 31, 1998
D393125 Ash receptacle cover Mar. 31, 1998
D393124 Top and sides of a trash container closure Mar. 31, 1998
D393123 Covered side mount ash container Mar. 31, 1998
D393122 Trash can Mar. 31, 1998
D393121 Universal wastepan Mar. 31, 1998
D393120 Dust pan Mar. 31, 1998
D393119 Iron holder Mar. 31, 1998
D393118 Iron Mar. 31, 1998
D393117 Clothes pin Mar. 31, 1998
D393116 Window cleaner with a detachable wiping portion Mar. 31, 1998
D393115 Cleaning device for paintball gun barrels Mar. 31, 1998
D393114 Tub for washing a belled brass musical instrument Mar. 31, 1998
D393113 Turbine powered extractor nozzle Mar. 31, 1998
D393112 Extractor base module hood Mar. 31, 1998
D393111 Cat litter box cover Mar. 31, 1998
D393110 Animal toy Mar. 31, 1998
D393109 Calf weaning board Mar. 31, 1998
D393108 Combined food hopper dispenser and trough for small animals Mar. 31, 1998
D393107 Small animal feeder Mar. 31, 1998
D393106 Lip balm device Mar. 31, 1998
D393105 Triple dispenser and container set Mar. 31, 1998
D393104 Dispenser and container set Mar. 31, 1998
D393103 Beard-styling attachment for an electric shaver Mar. 31, 1998
D393102 Lotion applicator Mar. 31, 1998
D393101 Humidor Mar. 31, 1998
D393100 Luminaire Mar. 31, 1998
D393099 Lighting fixture base Mar. 31, 1998
D393098 Window candle clamp Mar. 31, 1998
D393097 Mounting plate for a lighting stanchion Mar. 31, 1998
D393096 Curved stem-exposed cord lamp Mar. 31, 1998

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