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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D587546 Corded drill Mar. 3, 2009
D587545 Portable electric drill Mar. 3, 2009
D587544 Cordless drill Mar. 3, 2009
D587543 Portable electric driver Mar. 3, 2009
D587542 Stapler Mar. 3, 2009
D587541 Beverage holder Mar. 3, 2009
D587540 Beverage holder Mar. 3, 2009
D587539 Cutting board Mar. 3, 2009
D587538 Baker's blade Mar. 3, 2009
D587537 Scraper Mar. 3, 2009
D587536 Barbecue assembly Mar. 3, 2009
D587535 Kitchen tool Mar. 3, 2009
D587534 Food jar Mar. 3, 2009
D587533 Bottle Mar. 3, 2009
D587532 Dispensing closure Mar. 3, 2009
D587531 Plate Mar. 3, 2009
D587530 Bowl Mar. 3, 2009
D587529 Food serving tray Mar. 3, 2009
D587528 Double wall mug Mar. 3, 2009
D587527 Tumbler Mar. 3, 2009
D587526 Container for a blender Mar. 3, 2009
D587525 Grill lid Mar. 3, 2009
D587524 Drink pouring dispenser Mar. 3, 2009
D587523 Reusable cup holder Mar. 3, 2009
D587522 Kitchen utensil handle Mar. 3, 2009
D587521 Lid for an article of cookware Mar. 3, 2009
D587520 Frozen drink maker Mar. 3, 2009
D587519 Covered saute pan Mar. 3, 2009
D587518 Stackable presents pan Mar. 3, 2009
D587517 Round skillet with a pocket Mar. 3, 2009
D587516 Egg cooker Mar. 3, 2009
D587515 Oval skillet with pocket Mar. 3, 2009
D587514 Ice coffee maker Mar. 3, 2009
D587513 Ice tea jug Mar. 3, 2009
D587512 Pitcher and base Mar. 3, 2009
D587511 Coffee maker Mar. 3, 2009
D587510 Compact three-in-one coffee maker Mar. 3, 2009
D587509 Ice tea brewer Mar. 3, 2009
D587508 Bed rail cover Mar. 3, 2009
D587507 Inflatable bed support system Mar. 3, 2009
D587506 Pillow that fights visible wrinkles and helps prevent annoying acne Mar. 3, 2009
D587505 Pebble pillow Mar. 3, 2009
D587504 Wall mountable shelf unit for electronic equipment Mar. 3, 2009
D587503 Wall cabinet Mar. 3, 2009
D587502 Merchandising shelf with a dropped mat and truncated corners Mar. 3, 2009
D587501 Armrest support for a chair Mar. 3, 2009
D587500 Chair leg assembly with claw design Mar. 3, 2009
D587499 Curved leg base Mar. 3, 2009
D587498 Furniture article Mar. 3, 2009
D587497 Audio video shelving unit Mar. 3, 2009

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