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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D503414 Six segment spindle assembly for use in a tire bead winding assembly Mar. 29, 2005
D503413 Portable rapid sorption freezer Mar. 29, 2005
D503412 Embroidery machine Mar. 29, 2005
D503411 Centrifugal pump Mar. 29, 2005
D503410 Internal-combustion engine Mar. 29, 2005
D503409 Media player Mar. 29, 2005
D503408 Media player Mar. 29, 2005
D503407 Portion of an electronic display with a computer generated image Mar. 29, 2005
D503406 Ideogram for configuration storage in memory functions of a microscope system on a portion of a ... Mar. 29, 2005
D503405 Computer icon for objective, enlargement, and contrast functions of a microscope system on a por... Mar. 29, 2005
D503404 CD card Mar. 29, 2005
D503403 Computer front bezel Mar. 29, 2005
D503402 Multifunctional panel Mar. 29, 2005
D503401 ISO/DIN SUV stereo mounting device with trim plates Mar. 29, 2005
D503400 ISO/DIN auto stereo mounting device with pocket Mar. 29, 2005
D503399 Front face of a telecommunications module Mar. 29, 2005
D503398 Hand held microphone Mar. 29, 2005
D503397 Loud speaker cabinet Mar. 29, 2005
D503396 Speaker box Mar. 29, 2005
D503395 Combined disc player and radio receiver Mar. 29, 2005
D503394 Disc player Mar. 29, 2005
D503393 Disc player Mar. 29, 2005
D503392 Disc player Mar. 29, 2005
D503391 Television receiver Mar. 29, 2005
D503390 Liquid crystal display television panel Mar. 29, 2005
D503389 Electrical device housing Mar. 29, 2005
D503388 Light emitting diode Mar. 29, 2005
D503387 Decorative rocker switch Mar. 29, 2005
D503386 Board mount connector Mar. 29, 2005
D503385 Optoelectronic converting connector plug for optical fibers Mar. 29, 2005
D503384 Electronic splitter device Mar. 29, 2005
D503383 Electrical connector Mar. 29, 2005
D503382 Transceiver cage Mar. 29, 2005
D503381 Engine generator Mar. 29, 2005
D503380 Well sound generator with digital read-out display Mar. 29, 2005
D503379 Variable speed drive for electric motors Mar. 29, 2005
D503378 Battery booster Mar. 29, 2005
D503377 Battery charger Mar. 29, 2005
D503376 Battery Mar. 29, 2005
D503375 Tire tread Mar. 29, 2005
D503374 Tire tread Mar. 29, 2005
D503373 Tire tread Mar. 29, 2005
D503372 Tire tread Mar. 29, 2005
D503371 Front face of a vehicle wheel Mar. 29, 2005
D503370 Front face of a vehicle wheel Mar. 29, 2005
D503369 Decorative vehicular wheel lip Mar. 29, 2005
D503368 Pickup box outer Mar. 29, 2005
D503367 Surface configuration of a center console for a vehicle Mar. 29, 2005
D503366 Visor Mar. 29, 2005
D503365 3-button shuttle shift control Mar. 29, 2005

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