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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38718 Embroidery data creating device Mar. 29, 2005
PP15709 Geranium plant named `Genlibwi` Mar. 29, 2005
PP15708 Lavender plant named `Paris Blue` Mar. 29, 2005
PP15707 Calibrachoa plant named `USCALI48` Mar. 29, 2005
PP15706 Verbena plant named `Wesverlav` Mar. 29, 2005
PP15705 Helleborus plant named `HGC Merlin` Mar. 29, 2005
PP15704 Verbena plant named `Rap Purey Two` Mar. 29, 2005
PP15703 Mandarin hybrid tree named `TDE3` Mar. 29, 2005
PP15702 Ilex hybrid variety named Xia Yen Mar. 29, 2005
D503505 Cow bank Mar. 29, 2005
D503504 Portions of post mountable mail boxes Mar. 29, 2005
D503503 Cashbox Mar. 29, 2005
D503502 Trash can Mar. 29, 2005
D503501 Canine collar with handle Mar. 29, 2005
D503500 Dog bed Mar. 29, 2005
D503499 Protective face shield support Mar. 29, 2005
D503498 Protective face shield assembly Mar. 29, 2005
D503497 Protective face shield molded lens Mar. 29, 2005
D503496 Battery operated dental flosser Mar. 29, 2005
D503495 Electric nose hair shaver Mar. 29, 2005
D503494 Eyelash curler Mar. 29, 2005
D503493 Lighter Mar. 29, 2005
D503492 Decorative plate Mar. 29, 2005
D503491 Lipstick shape motion lamp Mar. 29, 2005
D503490 Lighting fixture Mar. 29, 2005
D503489 Light fixture Mar. 29, 2005
D503488 Ceiling fan light fixture Mar. 29, 2005
D503487 Surface configuration of a taillight for a vehicle Mar. 29, 2005
D503486 Terra-cotta construction element Mar. 29, 2005
D503485 Window sash frame extrusion Mar. 29, 2005
D503484 Construction element Mar. 29, 2005
D503483 Splitface block Mar. 29, 2005
D503482 Splitface block Mar. 29, 2005
D503481 Module for use with electrotherapy and/or ultrasound therapy product Mar. 29, 2005
D503480 Ankle-foot orthosis Mar. 29, 2005
D503479 Data converter for medical use Mar. 29, 2005
D503478 Gastronomy tube holder Mar. 29, 2005
D503477 Medical device for injecting fluid medicaments Mar. 29, 2005
D503476 Fan blade Mar. 29, 2005
D503475 Fan blade Mar. 29, 2005
D503474 Fan blade Mar. 29, 2005
D503473 Fan blade Mar. 29, 2005
D503472 Fan blade Mar. 29, 2005
D503471 Cap for gas appliance vent Mar. 29, 2005
D503470 Soffit accessory strip vent with semi-hidden vent Mar. 29, 2005
D503469 Soffit accessory strip vent with semi-hidden vent system with integrated soffit receiver Mar. 29, 2005
D503468 Air freshener device Mar. 29, 2005
D503467 Mat for dispensing a volatile Mar. 29, 2005
D503466 Lid for a toilet seat Mar. 29, 2005
D503465 Toilet Mar. 29, 2005

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