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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D539388 Faucet Mar. 27, 2007
D539387 Valve Mar. 27, 2007
D539386 Fluid control valve Mar. 27, 2007
D539385 Showerhead Mar. 27, 2007
D539384 Barrel shower Mar. 27, 2007
D539383 Trio sewage treatment plant Mar. 27, 2007
D539382 Duo sewage treatment plant Mar. 27, 2007
D539381 Fountain Mar. 27, 2007
D539380 Dancing dolphins marble fountain Mar. 27, 2007
D539379 Fishing lure jig head Mar. 27, 2007
D539378 Fishing reel body Mar. 27, 2007
D539377 Fishing reel body Mar. 27, 2007
D539376 Stungun Mar. 27, 2007
D539375 Aquatic float Mar. 27, 2007
D539374 Tee holder Mar. 27, 2007
D539373 Basketball training device Mar. 27, 2007
D539372 Racquet vibration dampner Mar. 27, 2007
D539371 Golf driver head Mar. 27, 2007
D539370 Putter head Mar. 27, 2007
D539369 Shock-absorbing coated solid and quiet paddle Mar. 27, 2007
D539368 Snap-in golf tee Mar. 27, 2007
D539367 Sports ball Mar. 27, 2007
D539366 Water fillable securing base with tethered tennis ball Mar. 27, 2007
D539365 Whimsical piglet novelty Mar. 27, 2007
D539364 Toy figure Mar. 27, 2007
D539363 Novelty with propeller tail Mar. 27, 2007
D539362 Whimsical monkey spinner Mar. 27, 2007
D539361 Textured barrel and expansion chamber, bottom line, ascending bubble birdtail body and ascending... Mar. 27, 2007
D539360 Toy vehicle chassis Mar. 27, 2007
D539359 Puzzle Mar. 27, 2007
D539358 Rotor blades for a toy helicopter Mar. 27, 2007
D539357 Infant rattle Mar. 27, 2007
D539356 Bubble weed trimmer toy Mar. 27, 2007
D539355 Cartridge for hand-held electronic game machine Mar. 27, 2007
D539354 Housing for an electronic game apparatus Mar. 27, 2007
D539353 Toy stick element Mar. 27, 2007
D539352 Tape dispenser Mar. 27, 2007
D539351 Coating film transfer tool Mar. 27, 2007
D539350 Didactic toy for mathematics Mar. 27, 2007
D539349 Writing instrument Mar. 27, 2007
D539348 Writing instrument Mar. 27, 2007
D539347 Writing instrument Mar. 27, 2007
D539346 Ballpoint pen Mar. 27, 2007
D539345 Writing instrument with globe top Mar. 27, 2007
D539344 Pen Mar. 27, 2007
D539343 Pen with radio component Mar. 27, 2007
D539342 Printer ink cartridge Mar. 27, 2007
D539341 Ink cartridge Mar. 27, 2007
D539340 Print head for printer Mar. 27, 2007
D539339 Plate for print head Mar. 27, 2007

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