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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35755 Method for inducing thrombosis in blood vessels Mar. 24, 1998
RE35754 Cephem derivatives Mar. 24, 1998
RE35753 Optical lithographical imaging system including optical transmission diffraction devices Mar. 24, 1998
RE35752 Use of hydriodic acid as an aphrodisiac Mar. 24, 1998
RE35751 Monitoring system with dual memory for electrophotographic printing machines using replaceable c... Mar. 24, 1998
RE35750 Wordline driver circuit having an automatic precharge circuit Mar. 24, 1998
PP10306 New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tortola` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10305 New guinea Impatiens plant named `Xanthia` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10304 New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Toga` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10303 New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Lopinga` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10302 New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Tagula` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10301 New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Moala` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10300 New Guinea Impatiens plant named `Electra Royale` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10299 Coreopsis plant named `Walcoreop` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10298 Argyranthemum plant named `Sugar Baby` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10297 Crape Myrtle shrub named `Whit I` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10296 Crape Myrtle shrub named `Whit II` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10295 Yaupon named `Orient Jewel` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10294 Azalea plant named Melodie Mar. 24, 1998
PP10293 Nectarine tree `July Pearl` Mar. 24, 1998
PP10292 Interspecific tree "Honey Rich" Mar. 24, 1998
PP10291 Fuji apple tree: `Fuji Compact T.A.C. #114` Mar. 24, 1998
D392784 Ice scraper Mar. 24, 1998
D392783 Lottery card scratcher remover Mar. 24, 1998
D392782 Laundry basket Mar. 24, 1998
D392781 Water hose rain gutter cleaning tool Mar. 24, 1998
D392780 Vacuum cleaner nozzle Mar. 24, 1998
D392779 Headlight cap assembly for vacuum cleaner or similar article Mar. 24, 1998
D392778 Right angle waxer Mar. 24, 1998
D392777 Hay feeder Mar. 24, 1998
D392776 Pet feeder Mar. 24, 1998
D392775 Bed for pets Mar. 24, 1998
D392774 Safety band with flashing lights Mar. 24, 1998
D392773 Compact case Mar. 24, 1998
D392772 Dry shaver Mar. 24, 1998
D392771 Soap bar Mar. 24, 1998
D392770 Cigar clip for golf Mar. 24, 1998
D392769 Lamp glass shade with wire cage Mar. 24, 1998
D392768 Lamp glass shade with wire cage Mar. 24, 1998
D392767 Lamp glass shade Mar. 24, 1998
D392766 Floor lamp Mar. 24, 1998
D392765 Lamp Mar. 24, 1998
D392764 Lamp fixture Mar. 24, 1998
D392763 Outdoor electrical lighting fixture Mar. 24, 1998
D392762 Adjustable lighting fixture Mar. 24, 1998
D392761 Spot lamp Mar. 24, 1998
D392760 Lamp Mar. 24, 1998
D392759 Flashlight Mar. 24, 1998
D392758 Flexible flashlight holder Mar. 24, 1998
D392757 Rechargeable flashlight Mar. 24, 1998

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