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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30888 Ferroin reagent Mar. 23, 1982
RE30887 Flame retardant polyurethane foam Mar. 23, 1982
RE30886 Method and composition for reducing blood glucose levels Mar. 23, 1982
RE30885 Novel diamide and lubricants containing same Mar. 23, 1982
PP4831 Gazania plant Mar. 23, 1982
D263514 Combination mailbox, newspaper receptacle, and support therefor Mar. 23, 1982
D263513 Plastic sheet material for surfacing a wall panel or similar article Mar. 23, 1982
D263512 Litter scoop and sacker Mar. 23, 1982
D263511 Floor panel for a pig shed Mar. 23, 1982
D263510 Miniature Victorian chandelier Mar. 23, 1982
D263509 Spotlight fitting Mar. 23, 1982
D263508 Portable electric torch Mar. 23, 1982
D263507 Lantern Mar. 23, 1982
D263506 Strobelight Mar. 23, 1982
D263505 Dispenser for surgical sutures Mar. 23, 1982
D263504 Vacuum chamber for the transfer of parenteral liquids Mar. 23, 1982
D263503 Tampon applicator Mar. 23, 1982
D263502 Forceps or similar article Mar. 23, 1982
D263501 Foot support for a stirrup Mar. 23, 1982
D263500 Portable examination table Mar. 23, 1982
D263499 Ceiling fan cover plate Mar. 23, 1982
D263498 Ceiling fan blade connector Mar. 23, 1982
D263497 Roof curb for supporting a ventilator Mar. 23, 1982
D263496 Filter Mar. 23, 1982
D263495 Front panel for an air conditioning unit Mar. 23, 1982
D263494 Electric heating element Mar. 23, 1982
D263493 Coal burning stove Mar. 23, 1982
D263492 Wood burning stove Mar. 23, 1982
D263491 Soccer ball Mar. 23, 1982
D263490 Exercise machine Mar. 23, 1982
D263489 Doll Mar. 23, 1982
D263488 Robot or similar article Mar. 23, 1982
D263487 Simulative playhouse or similar article Mar. 23, 1982
D263486 Kite or similar article Mar. 23, 1982
D263485 Pogo stick Mar. 23, 1982
D263484 Card holder Mar. 23, 1982
D263483 Interlocking game piece Mar. 23, 1982
D263482 Pen Mar. 23, 1982
D263481 Picture plane grid viewer Mar. 23, 1982
D263480 Combined guiro and shaker Mar. 23, 1982
D263479 Resilient clip for retaining removable lenses in an eyeglass frame Mar. 23, 1982
D263478 Facsimile machine Mar. 23, 1982
D263477 Photographic camera or similar article Mar. 23, 1982
D263476 Still camera Mar. 23, 1982
D263475 Scrubber Mar. 23, 1982
D263474 Two-way radio apparatus or similar article Mar. 23, 1982
D263473 Printer Mar. 23, 1982
D263472 Floppy disk housing Mar. 23, 1982
D263471 Loudspeaker housing Mar. 23, 1982
D263470 Loudspeaker housing Mar. 23, 1982

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