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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4194214 Integration of high voltage driver and low voltage logic in a semiconductor device Mar. 18, 1980
4194213 Semiconductor image sensor having CCD shift register Mar. 18, 1980
4194212 Semicrystalline silicon article and method of making same Mar. 18, 1980
4194211 Charge electrode array for multi-nozzle ink jet array Mar. 18, 1980
4194210 Multi-nozzle ink jet print head apparatus Mar. 18, 1980
4194209 Broadband waveguide lens antenna and method of fabrication Mar. 18, 1980
4194208 Swingable support for concealably mounting antennas on vehicles Mar. 18, 1980
4194207 Radiolocation system for determining the direction of incident electromagnetic waves Mar. 18, 1980
4194206 Instantaneous frequency measurement (IFM) receiver with capability to separate cw and pulsed sig... Mar. 18, 1980
4194205 R.F. Power and video modulation monitoring circuit for countermeasures system Mar. 18, 1980
4194204 High resolution microwave seeker Mar. 18, 1980
4194203 Pulse doppler-radio proximity fuze Mar. 18, 1980
4194202 Grid pulsed oscillator and detector Mar. 18, 1980
4194201 Interrogator-responsor system Mar. 18, 1980
4194200 Combined receiver protector, AGC attenuator and sensitivity time control device Mar. 18, 1980
4194199 Display apparatus Mar. 18, 1980
4194198 Digital preprogrammed television game system Mar. 18, 1980
4194197 Automatic centering of character strings Mar. 18, 1980
4194196 Illuminated master calendar and message recording system Mar. 18, 1980
4194195 Portable liquid level maintenance monitor system for vehicles Mar. 18, 1980
4194194 Piezoelectric vibration detector for sensing a nearby intruder Mar. 18, 1980
4194193 Self-contained door alarm device Mar. 18, 1980
4194192 Alarm devices for interconnected multi-device systems Mar. 18, 1980
4194191 Smoke simulating test apparatus for smoke detectors Mar. 18, 1980
4194190 Arrangement for converting digital signals representing characters into a self-locking dot repre... Mar. 18, 1980
4194189 Control devices of the relay type Mar. 18, 1980
4194188 Interrogation of key switches using pulse width detection Mar. 18, 1980
4194187 Analog-to-digital conversion by charge coupled device Mar. 18, 1980
4194186 Digital hysteresis circuit Mar. 18, 1980
4194185 Digitizing a recurring analog signal Mar. 18, 1980
4194184 Bidirectional digital position encoder Mar. 18, 1980
4194183 Apparatus for electrically converting an analog signal into a digital representation Mar. 18, 1980
4194182 Electrical switch controllable alternatively by an internal timer and by digital information fro... Mar. 18, 1980
4194181 Hotel room status monitor and power control system Mar. 18, 1980
4194180 Apparatus for registering quantity values of corresponding volume or energy quantities by means ... Mar. 18, 1980
4194179 Active antenna for medical telemetry monitoring systems Mar. 18, 1980
4194178 Electric motor with internal wireless load monitor Mar. 18, 1980
4194177 Transducer system for continuous monitoring liquid levels in storage tanks and the like Mar. 18, 1980
4194176 Cashier identifying administration in an electronic cash register Mar. 18, 1980
4194175 Automobile headlight alarm system Mar. 18, 1980
4194174 Method for fabricating ballasted finger electrode Mar. 18, 1980
4194173 Solenoid construction Mar. 18, 1980
4194172 Apparatus for filtering an electrical signal with a charge-coupled device Mar. 18, 1980
4194171 Zinc oxide on silicon device for parallel in, serial out, discrete fourier transform Mar. 18, 1980
4194170 Shifting of infrared radiation using rotational raman resonances in diatomic molecular gases Mar. 18, 1980
4194169 Molecular laser operating on fundamental and overtone bands Mar. 18, 1980
4194168 Unidirectional ring laser apparatus and method Mar. 18, 1980
4194167 Up-Doppler simulator Mar. 18, 1980
4194166 Differential amplifier with a current mirror circuit Mar. 18, 1980
4194165 Miniature guitar amplifier Mar. 18, 1980

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