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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38708 Disposable loading unit for surgical stapler Mar. 1, 2005
RE38707 Component shelf system Mar. 1, 2005
PP15623 Geranium plant named `Genfivio` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15622 Nectarine tree named `Burnectfifteen` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15621 Miniature rose plant named `POULhi017` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15620 Rose plant named `POULen010` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15619 Double Impatiens plant named `Didi Carmine Two` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15618 Helleborus plant named `HGC Lady Freckle` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15617 Impatiens plant named `TiCoPur` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15616 Geranium plant named `Cante Dereds` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15615 Helleborus plant named `HGC Josef Lemper` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15614 Calibrachoa plant named `Kakegawa S64` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15613 Poplar tree named `Gnarly Poplar` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15612 Miniature rose plant named `KORamgat` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15611 Phlox plant named `USPHL02` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15610 Verbena plant named `Lan Roypureye` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15609 Rose plant named `POULcs008` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15608 Phlox plant named `USPHL01` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15607 Petunia plant named `USTUNI207` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15606 Verbena plant named `Lan Depur` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15605 Verbena plant named `Lan Bluwhit` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15604 Verbena plant named `Lan Bule` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15603 Verbena plant named `Lan Burg` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15602 Verbena plant named `Lan Chered` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15601 Geranium plant named `Solstice Purple` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15600 Rose plant named `POULpm001` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15599 Variety of Dicentra plant named `Ivory Hearts` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15598 Geranium plant named `Amri Cherose Two` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15597 Strawberry plant named PS-2880 Mar. 1, 2005
PP15596 Strawberry plant named `Driscoll Cambria` Mar. 1, 2005
PP15595 Cymbopogon plant named `RLJCC1` Mar. 1, 2005
H2115 Protective garment packed in sealed pouch wherein partial vacuum is drawn Mar. 1, 2005
D502585 Chain link conveyor structure Mar. 1, 2005
D502584 Mesh basket Mar. 1, 2005
D502583 Waste receptacle panel Mar. 1, 2005
D502582 Leaf bag filler Mar. 1, 2005
D502581 Iron rest Mar. 1, 2005
D502580 Surface squeegee Mar. 1, 2005
D502579 Mitt with abrasive-coating Mar. 1, 2005
D502578 Pipe for vacuum cleaner Mar. 1, 2005
D502577 Automatic washer Mar. 1, 2005
D502576 Litter box Mar. 1, 2005
D502575 Pet bed Mar. 1, 2005
D502574 Candle snuffer Mar. 1, 2005
D502573 Hand protector Mar. 1, 2005
D502572 Cosmetic unit Mar. 1, 2005
D502571 Hair accessory Mar. 1, 2005
D502570 Hair dryer Mar. 1, 2005
D502569 Housing for hair coloring apparatus head Mar. 1, 2005
D502568 Hair coloring apparatus Mar. 1, 2005

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