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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D593874 Mineral cheek powder dispenser Jun. 9, 2009
D593873 Clothing articles arranged in a box Jun. 9, 2009
D593872 Clothing articles arranged in a box Jun. 9, 2009
D593871 Container with scissors Jun. 9, 2009
D593870 Stand-up pouch for a liquid Jun. 9, 2009
D593869 Biscuit bag Jun. 9, 2009
D593868 Bottle Jun. 9, 2009
D593867 Bottle Jun. 9, 2009
D593866 Bottle Jun. 9, 2009
D593865 Container Jun. 9, 2009
D593864 Bottle Jun. 9, 2009
D593863 Portion of a bottle Jun. 9, 2009
D593862 Container Jun. 9, 2009
D593861 Bottle Jun. 9, 2009
D593860 Dispenser Jun. 9, 2009
D593859 Easy pour bottle holder Jun. 9, 2009
D593858 Decorative candle tin lid Jun. 9, 2009
D593857 Shroud for fluid dispensing system Jun. 9, 2009
D593856 Bottle cap retainer Jun. 9, 2009
D593855 Recessed container lid Jun. 9, 2009
D593854 Battery package Jun. 9, 2009
D593853 Multiple product package Jun. 9, 2009
D593852 Retaining clip Jun. 9, 2009
D593851 Adjustable forehead support screw for respiratory mask Jun. 9, 2009
D593850 Stud and mounting tool Jun. 9, 2009
D593849 Coupler Jun. 9, 2009
D593848 Coupler Jun. 9, 2009
D593847 Caster Jun. 9, 2009
D593846 Grab bar Jun. 9, 2009
D593845 Flare grommet Jun. 9, 2009
D593844 Climbing apparatus Jun. 9, 2009
D593843 Standoff post with downwardly convex base Jun. 9, 2009
D593842 Separable wall plate for communications cable Jun. 9, 2009
D593841 Tilt latch Jun. 9, 2009
D593840 Door lever Jun. 9, 2009
D593839 Knife Jun. 9, 2009
D593838 Knife Jun. 9, 2009
D593837 Crow bar Jun. 9, 2009
D593836 Crow bar Jun. 9, 2009
D593835 Articulating pry bar Jun. 9, 2009
D593834 Board straighter Jun. 9, 2009
D593833 Cutting tool Jun. 9, 2009
D593832 Electric power tool Jun. 9, 2009
D593831 Drill Jun. 9, 2009
D593830 Driver Jun. 9, 2009
D593829 Driver Jun. 9, 2009
D593828 Pressing tool body Jun. 9, 2009
D593827 Drill Jun. 9, 2009
D593826 Angle grinder Jun. 9, 2009
D593825 Wick trimmer Jun. 9, 2009

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