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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D617144 Grip for a container Jun. 8, 2010
D617143 Plate Jun. 8, 2010
D617142 Cookware handle Jun. 8, 2010
D617141 Full grip cookware handle Jun. 8, 2010
D617140 Thumb grip cookware handle Jun. 8, 2010
D617139 Cookware side handle Jun. 8, 2010
D617138 Cookware handle Jun. 8, 2010
D617137 Cookware handle Jun. 8, 2010
D617136 Blender Jun. 8, 2010
D617135 Mixer Jun. 8, 2010
D617134 Slow cooker Jun. 8, 2010
D617133 Range Jun. 8, 2010
D617132 Water cooler Jun. 8, 2010
D617131 Seat cushion Jun. 8, 2010
D617130 Pair of floor mats Jun. 8, 2010
D617129 Dispenser housing Jun. 8, 2010
D617128 Shower caddy Jun. 8, 2010
D617127 Tissue box Jun. 8, 2010
D617126 Hanging basket with curved front edge Jun. 8, 2010
D617125 Shelf divider Jun. 8, 2010
D617124 Base for a coffee pod holder Jun. 8, 2010
D617123 Desk top spacer Jun. 8, 2010
D617122 Table top display Jun. 8, 2010
D617121 Media unit Jun. 8, 2010
D617120 Infant dressing tray Jun. 8, 2010
D617119 Infant dressing tray Jun. 8, 2010
D617118 Infant dressing tray Jun. 8, 2010
D617117 Furniture Jun. 8, 2010
D617116 Desk Jun. 8, 2010
D617115 Bracket Jun. 8, 2010
D617114 Planter cage Jun. 8, 2010
D617113 Tool storage rack Jun. 8, 2010
D617112 Love seat Jun. 8, 2010
D617111 Sofa Jun. 8, 2010
D617110 Chair Jun. 8, 2010
D617109 Folding chair with perforated back Jun. 8, 2010
D617108 Folding chair with slatted back Jun. 8, 2010
D617107 Seat assembly Jun. 8, 2010
D617106 Chair Jun. 8, 2010
D617105 Seat for an automobile Jun. 8, 2010
D617104 Vehicle seat Jun. 8, 2010
D617103 Seat base Jun. 8, 2010
D617102 Child seat Jun. 8, 2010
D617101 Sconce Jun. 8, 2010
D617100 Sheet material with pattern Jun. 8, 2010
D617099 Storage container Jun. 8, 2010
D617098 Tool box Jun. 8, 2010
D617097 Eyeglass case Jun. 8, 2010
D617096 Handbag Jun. 8, 2010
D617095 Handbag Jun. 8, 2010

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