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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5218536 Electronic spelling machine having ordered candidate words Jun. 8, 1993
5218535 Method and apparatus for data acquisition Jun. 8, 1993
5218534 Method of computation and processing of the image in conical projection, of a sampled three-dime... Jun. 8, 1993
5218533 Stable interruptible filter for dual beam computed tomography Jun. 8, 1993
5218532 Method and system for acquiring MR data in MRI Jun. 8, 1993
5218531 NMR spectroscopic analyzing method Jun. 8, 1993
5218530 Method of displaying and analyzing nonlinear, dynamic brain signals Jun. 8, 1993
5218529 Neural network system and methods for analysis of organic materials and structures using spectra... Jun. 8, 1993
5218528 Automated voting system Jun. 8, 1993
5218527 Electronic cash register system with transmission means to transmit cooking initiation instructi... Jun. 8, 1993
5218526 Optimization of process/property/compositional parameters Jun. 8, 1993
5218525 Method and apparatus for partially running a sequence program for debugging thereof Jun. 8, 1993
5218524 Optical disk apparatus Jun. 8, 1993
5218523 Driver circuit for an inverter device with output voltage stabilization during start-up period Jun. 8, 1993
5218522 D.C. chopper regulating method and apparatus incorporating bilateral regulating voltage path Jun. 8, 1993
5218521 Method and device for protecting an electrical converter circuit against overload Jun. 8, 1993
5218520 VSCF system with reduced DC link ripple Jun. 8, 1993
5218519 Card cage system Jun. 8, 1993
5218518 Rack mountable box shaped module with conical positioning elements Jun. 8, 1993
5218517 Translating wedge heat sink Jun. 8, 1993
5218516 Electronic module Jun. 8, 1993
5218515 Microchannel cooling of face down bonded chips Jun. 8, 1993
5218514 Compact high power personal computer with improved air cooling system Jun. 8, 1993
5218513 Plenum for air-impingement cooling of electronic components Jun. 8, 1993
5218512 Ferroelectric device Jun. 8, 1993
5218511 Inter-silicide capacitor Jun. 8, 1993
5218510 Suspension packaging for static-sensitive products Jun. 8, 1993
5218509 Electrically operated control device and system for an appliance and method of operating the sam... Jun. 8, 1993
5218508 Electrical surge arrester/diverter Jun. 8, 1993
5218507 Overhead three-phase power line eliminating fringing electric and magnetic fields Jun. 8, 1993
5218506 Protection of analog reference and bias voltage inputs Jun. 8, 1993
5218505 Superconductor coil system and method of operating the same Jun. 8, 1993
5218504 Disc-drive apparatus having function of preventing destruction of data Jun. 8, 1993
5218503 31/2 inch removable cartridge for a disk drive Jun. 8, 1993
5218502 Tape cassette Jun. 8, 1993
5218501 Device for aligning magnetic tape to a read-write head Jun. 8, 1993
5218500 Magnetic head having a single-crystal ferrite core Jun. 8, 1993
5218499 Thin-film magnetic head for perpendicular magnetic recording having a magnetic member with groov... Jun. 8, 1993
5218498 Composite read-while-write magnetic head assembly Jun. 8, 1993
5218497 Magnetic recording-reproducing apparatus and magnetoresistive head having two or more magnetores... Jun. 8, 1993
5218496 Magnetic disk drive with reduced disk-to-disk spacing and improved actuator design Jun. 8, 1993
5218495 Negative pressure air bearing slider with spoiler channels Jun. 8, 1993
5218494 Negative pressure air bearing slider having isolation channels with edge step Jun. 8, 1993
5218493 Magnetic recording apparatus including a magnetic head having a curved media-contact surface equ... Jun. 8, 1993
5218492 Magnetic recording and/or reproducing apparatus Jun. 8, 1993
5218491 Disk drive apparatus Jun. 8, 1993
5218490 Tape tension servo-system for video tape recording and/or reproducing apparatus Jun. 8, 1993
5218489 Auto tracking apparatus for video tape recorder Jun. 8, 1993
5218488 Method and apparatus for producing write and erase magnetic field for disk drive Jun. 8, 1993
5218487 Audio tape operation on a DAT data storage drive Jun. 8, 1993

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