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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE34279 Water-dispersible pressure-sensitive adhesive and tape made therewith Jun. 8, 1993
RE34278 Steel with a composition of iron, carbon, silicon, phosphorus and molybdenum Jun. 8, 1993
RE34277 Process for preparing taxol Jun. 8, 1993
RE34276 Turbocharger bearing and lubrication system Jun. 8, 1993
RE34275 Lighted running board assembly Jun. 8, 1993
RE34274 Filter device Jun. 8, 1993
RE34273 Double window shade assembly with independent shade movement Jun. 8, 1993
RE34272 Method and composition for refinement of metal surfaces Jun. 8, 1993
PP8253 Geranium plant named Klededil Jun. 8, 1993
PP8252 Impatiens plant named Danshir Jun. 8, 1993
PP8251 Impatiens plant named Dangal Jun. 8, 1993
PP8250 Poinsettia plant--BFP-437G cultivar Jun. 8, 1993
PP8249 Carnation plant named CFPC Serenity Jun. 8, 1993
PP8248 Rose plant--Meinomad variety Jun. 8, 1993
D336352 Suspended luminaire Jun. 8, 1993
D336351 Clamp-on crib light Jun. 8, 1993
D336350 Magnetically mounted battery powered light Jun. 8, 1993
D336349 Flooring unit Jun. 8, 1993
D336348 Athletic court grid surface tile Jun. 8, 1993
D336347 Tab portion of a shingle Jun. 8, 1993
D336346 Collapisble bollard Jun. 8, 1993
D336345 Beam for structural systems Jun. 8, 1993
D336344 Window component extrusion Jun. 8, 1993
D336343 Window component extrusion Jun. 8, 1993
D336342 Window component extrusion Jun. 8, 1993
D336341 Retaining wall Jun. 8, 1993
D336340 Interior burglar bars with fire exit Jun. 8, 1993
D336339 Therapeutic pack Jun. 8, 1993
D336338 Pacifier holder Jun. 8, 1993
D336337 Dental material curing apparatus Jun. 8, 1993
D336336 Crystallization furnace for dental prostheses Jun. 8, 1993
D336335 Lancet Jun. 8, 1993
D336334 Medical connector Jun. 8, 1993
D336333 Office fan Jun. 8, 1993
D336332 Container for an air freshener Jun. 8, 1993
D336331 Combined ventilated toilet seat and toilet seat cover Jun. 8, 1993
D336330 Baby guard for a toilet seat lid Jun. 8, 1993
D336329 Swimming pool surface cleaner Jun. 8, 1993
D336328 Bathing unit Jun. 8, 1993
D336327 Containment tank for fluids Jun. 8, 1993
D336326 Spincasting reel seat for a fishing rod Jun. 8, 1993
D336325 Fishing reel Jun. 8, 1993
D336324 Fishing lure Jun. 8, 1993
D336323 Mechanical horse toy ride Jun. 8, 1993
D336322 Gulf club grip Jun. 8, 1993
D336321 Golf putter head Jun. 8, 1993
D336320 Toy building block Jun. 8, 1993
D336319 Puzzle keeper Jun. 8, 1993
D336318 Combined flying top and launching tube Jun. 8, 1993
D336317 Toy ball Jun. 8, 1993

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