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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30965 Fermentation of oxygenated hydrocarbon compounds with thermophilic microorganisms and microorgan... Jun. 8, 1982
RE30964 Package inspection and handling system Jun. 8, 1982
RE30963 Atomizer wheel with wear-resistant, sintered bushings Jun. 8, 1982
RE30962 Insulated trays for food or the like Jun. 8, 1982
RE30961 Solar-energy-powered sun tracker Jun. 8, 1982
RE30960 Central receiver solar collector using mechanically linked mirrors Jun. 8, 1982
RE30959 Scheduling board Jun. 8, 1982
RE30958 Package label and manufacture of same Jun. 8, 1982
PP4856 Grapevine Jun. 8, 1982
PP4855 Rose plant Jun. 8, 1982
D264889 Wood bed frame or the like Jun. 8, 1982
D264888 Fisherman's cart Jun. 8, 1982
D264887 Pet observatory or the like Jun. 8, 1982
D264886 Interlocking reinforced brick Jun. 8, 1982
D264885 Smoking pipe Jun. 8, 1982
D264884 Smoking pipe with dual stems Jun. 8, 1982
D264883 Smoking pipe with dual stems Jun. 8, 1982
D264882 Scalpel blade extractor Jun. 8, 1982
D264881 Colema board Jun. 8, 1982
D264880 Teether Jun. 8, 1982
D264879 Used syringe receptacle Jun. 8, 1982
D264878 Dialysate delivery machine Jun. 8, 1982
D264877 Device for measuring and indicating changes in resistance of a living body Jun. 8, 1982
D264876 Dental handpiece Jun. 8, 1982
D264875 Combined surgical headrest and wrist rest Jun. 8, 1982
D264874 Treatment couch top Jun. 8, 1982
D264873 Chemical analyzer Jun. 8, 1982
D264872 Design for humidifier or the like Jun. 8, 1982
D264871 Gas burner Jun. 8, 1982
D264870 Coal burning stove Jun. 8, 1982
D264869 Incense holder Jun. 8, 1982
D264868 Fishing lure Jun. 8, 1982
D264867 Mouse trap Jun. 8, 1982
D264866 Alignment attachment for a golf putter Jun. 8, 1982
D264865 Golf putter head Jun. 8, 1982
D264864 Putter head Jun. 8, 1982
D264863 Hockey stick Jun. 8, 1982
D264862 Exerciser for attachment to door or the like Jun. 8, 1982
D264861 Toy vehicle Jun. 8, 1982
D264860 Combined toy boat and figure therefor Jun. 8, 1982
D264859 Toy locomotive Jun. 8, 1982
D264858 Puzzle Jun. 8, 1982
D264857 Game board Jun. 8, 1982
D264856 Kaleidoscope Jun. 8, 1982
D264855 Toy pinball machine Jun. 8, 1982
D264854 Fountain pen Jun. 8, 1982
D264853 Electronic memory credit card with frangible portion Jun. 8, 1982
D264852 Keyboard stand Jun. 8, 1982
D264851 Auxiliary objective lens for a firearm sight Jun. 8, 1982
D264850 Microfiche reader Jun. 8, 1982

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