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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D492243 Motorcycle storage case Jun. 29, 2004
D492242 Arcuate-winged submersible vehicle Jun. 29, 2004
D492241 Vehicle screen Jun. 29, 2004
D492240 Automotive wheel Jun. 29, 2004
D492239 Wheel with spinner Jun. 29, 2004
D492238 Wheel for a motor vehicle Jun. 29, 2004
D492237 Wheel for a motor vehicle Jun. 29, 2004
D492236 Vehicular wheel Jun. 29, 2004
D492235 Front face of a vehicle wheel Jun. 29, 2004
D492234 Wheel Jun. 29, 2004
D492233 Baseball wheel cover Jun. 29, 2004
D492232 Instrument display Jun. 29, 2004
D492231 Surface configuration of an instrument panel for a vehicle Jun. 29, 2004
D492230 Auxiliary vehicle mirror Jun. 29, 2004
D492229 Brake caliper Jun. 29, 2004
D492228 Automobile bumper Jun. 29, 2004
D492227 Bumper of motor vehicle Jun. 29, 2004
D492226 Grill for an automobile Jun. 29, 2004
D492225 Motorcycle master cylinder housing Jun. 29, 2004
D492224 Low profile gearcover Jun. 29, 2004
D492223 Gas powered folding scooter Jun. 29, 2004
D492222 Motorcycle Jun. 29, 2004
D492221 Zipper slide Jun. 29, 2004
D492220 Butterfly with ball end antenae Jun. 29, 2004
D492219 Planter Jun. 29, 2004
D492218 Bead necklace/bracelet Jun. 29, 2004
D492217 Article of jewelry Jun. 29, 2004
D492216 Ring with opposed scallops Jun. 29, 2004
D492215 Electronic article surveillance device Jun. 29, 2004
D492214 Electronic article surveillance device Jun. 29, 2004
D492213 Gauge display mount Jun. 29, 2004
D492212 Scale Jun. 29, 2004
D492211 Display testing device Jun. 29, 2004
D492210 Tile spacer Jun. 29, 2004
D492209 Panel tester Jun. 29, 2004
D492208 Watch case with bracelet Jun. 29, 2004
D492207 Watch case Jun. 29, 2004
D492206 Clock Jun. 29, 2004
D492205 Combined clock and temperature gauge Jun. 29, 2004
D492204 Pillow and alarm clock combination Jun. 29, 2004
D492203 Container Jun. 29, 2004
D492202 Container Jun. 29, 2004
D492201 Bottle Jun. 29, 2004
D492200 Spice container with tear strip Jun. 29, 2004
D492199 Soap dispenser Jun. 29, 2004
D492198 Tiger figurine Jun. 29, 2004
D492197 Lady bug figurine Jun. 29, 2004
D492196 Container Jun. 29, 2004
D492195 Eight compartment tray Jun. 29, 2004
D492194 Scientific vial storage box Jun. 29, 2004

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