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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30987 Omnidirectional clock Jun. 29, 1982
RE30986 Vital relay driver having controlled response time Jun. 29, 1982
RE30985 Serum-free cell culture media Jun. 29, 1982
RE30984 Structural laminate and method for making same Jun. 29, 1982
RE30983 Colorimetric determination of iron Jun. 29, 1982
RE30982 Time shared tone keying system in electronic musical instrument Jun. 29, 1982
RE30981 Transmission devices Jun. 29, 1982
RE30980 Wall system Jun. 29, 1982
PP4862 Impatiens plant named Pomo Jun. 29, 1982
PP4861 Peach tree (7-7-52) Jun. 29, 1982
D265264 Mailbox Jun. 29, 1982
D265263 Electrical golf bag carrier Jun. 29, 1982
D265262 Molded plastic dish drainer Jun. 29, 1982
D265261 Clothes hamper Jun. 29, 1982
D265260 Cattle feed bunker Jun. 29, 1982
D265259 Cattle feed bunker Jun. 29, 1982
D265258 Cattle feed bunker Jun. 29, 1982
D265257 Interlocking flume platform panel for animal confinement pens Jun. 29, 1982
D265256 Curb for animal confinement pens Jun. 29, 1982
D265255 Lotion applicator Jun. 29, 1982
D265254 Cigarette lighter Jun. 29, 1982
D265253 Pipe stand Jun. 29, 1982
D265252 Headlight bezel for motorcycle fairing Jun. 29, 1982
D265251 Swimming pool ladder Jun. 29, 1982
D265250 Stair for a swimming pool Jun. 29, 1982
D265249 Fitting assembly for guiding and restraining a probe in a catheter Jun. 29, 1982
D265248 Post operative knee orthosis Jun. 29, 1982
D265247 Massager Jun. 29, 1982
D265246 Denture retainer implant Jun. 29, 1982
D265245 Motor housing for an oral hygiene appliance Jun. 29, 1982
D265244 Contact lens sterilizer unit casing Jun. 29, 1982
D265243 Fluid delivery apparatus Jun. 29, 1982
D265242 Examining table Jun. 29, 1982
D265241 Examining table Jun. 29, 1982
D265240 Stove Jun. 29, 1982
D265239 Stove Jun. 29, 1982
D265238 Stove Jun. 29, 1982
D265237 Fireplace insert Jun. 29, 1982
D265236 Electric water heater Jun. 29, 1982
D265235 Combined water closet and lavatory Jun. 29, 1982
D265234 Faucet handle and the like Jun. 29, 1982
D265233 Faucet handle and the like Jun. 29, 1982
D265232 Lens for faucet handle and the like Jun. 29, 1982
D265231 Faucet set Jun. 29, 1982
D265230 Faucet set Jun. 29, 1982
D265229 Faucet set Jun. 29, 1982
D265228 Flush valve closer Jun. 29, 1982
D265227 Water purification unit Jun. 29, 1982
D265226 Combined water storage tank and building Jun. 29, 1982
D265225 Fly swatter Jun. 29, 1982

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