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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35829 Binary phase shift keying modulation system and/or frequency multiplier Jun. 23, 1998
RE35828 Anti-fuse circuit and method wherein the read operation and programming operation are reversed Jun. 23, 1998
RE35827 Surface field effect transistor with depressed source and/or drain areas for ULSI integrated dev... Jun. 23, 1998
RE35826 Method and apparatus for applying magnetic fields to fluids Jun. 23, 1998
PP10466 Caladium plant called "Florida Calypso" Jun. 23, 1998
PP10465 Chrysanthemum plant named `Cleagar ng1` Jun. 23, 1998
PP10464 Chrysanthemum plant named `Chabaxo` Jun. 23, 1998
PP10463 Chrysanthemum plant named `Cleagar gf1` Jun. 23, 1998
PP10462 Chrysanthemum plant named `Tijuana Sunset` Jun. 23, 1998
PP10461 Strawberry plant named `Gaviota` Jun. 23, 1998
PP10460 `Joliette` strawberry Jun. 23, 1998
PP10459 Sweet cherry tree -- `PC 7222-1` Jun. 23, 1998
PP10458 Apple tree named `Big Red Gala` Jun. 23, 1998
D395534 Corrugated pallet Jun. 23, 1998
D395533 Pallet Jun. 23, 1998
D395532 Forklift Jun. 23, 1998
D395531 Mop bucket Jun. 23, 1998
D395530 Mop bucket sidewall Jun. 23, 1998
D395529 Combined night light and insect repeller Jun. 23, 1998
D395528 Post for use in a plant trellis system Jun. 23, 1998
D395526 Window component extrusion Jun. 23, 1998
D395525 Construction beam extrusion Jun. 23, 1998
D395524 Window frame member Jun. 23, 1998
D395523 Ladder top attachable toolbox Jun. 23, 1998
D395522 Ladder cap Jun. 23, 1998
D395521 Boutique interior Jun. 23, 1998
D395518 Gazebo Jun. 23, 1998
D395517 Chemical vessel Jun. 23, 1998
D395516 Infant food charm teether Jun. 23, 1998
D395515 Infant charm teether Jun. 23, 1998
D395514 Combined ankle and foot orthosis splint with orthowedge for wearing at night Jun. 23, 1998
D395513 Portable medical monitor with display Jun. 23, 1998
D395512 Haptic end portion of the introcular lens Jun. 23, 1998
D395510 Coronary stabilizing retractor Jun. 23, 1998
D395509 Stethoscope chestpiece Jun. 23, 1998
D395508 Shield for panty Jun. 23, 1998
D395507 Combined two piece neurodiagnostic test instrument with disposable test head and weighted reusab... Jun. 23, 1998
D395506 Eight-vaned crown for a solid-phase chemical reaction support Jun. 23, 1998
D395505 Catheter holder Jun. 23, 1998
D395504 Shield for thong panty Jun. 23, 1998
D395503 Combined medication and liquid dispensing cup Jun. 23, 1998
D395502 Catheter plug Jun. 23, 1998
D395501 Winged catheter Jun. 23, 1998
D395500 Respiratory oxygen dilution valve Jun. 23, 1998
D395499 Dry powder inhaler Jun. 23, 1998
D395498 Blade iron for a ceiling fan Jun. 23, 1998
D395497 Combined housing, blade irons and switch housing unit for a ceiling fan Jun. 23, 1998
D395496 Fan support rod Jun. 23, 1998
D395495 Smoke exhauster Jun. 23, 1998
D395494 Air freshener Jun. 23, 1998

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