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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30310 Method and apparatus for treating heat-sensitive products Jun. 17, 1980
RE30309 N-Alkyl-3-pyridinium-methanol fluorides and derivatives thereof Jun. 17, 1980
RE30308 Suspension structure for automotive vehicles Jun. 17, 1980
RE30307 Cable take up load binder Jun. 17, 1980
RE30306 Air intake silencer Jun. 17, 1980
RE30305 Device and method for programmed hair coloring Jun. 17, 1980
PP4551 African violet plant Jun. 17, 1980
PP4550 African violet plant Jun. 17, 1980
PP4549 African violet plant Jun. 17, 1980
PP4548 African violet plant Jun. 17, 1980
PP4547 African violet plant Jun. 17, 1980
PP4546 African violet plant Jun. 17, 1980
D255503 Horseshoe Jun. 17, 1980
D255502 Keeper for a rope halter Jun. 17, 1980
D255501 Clasp for a rope halter Jun. 17, 1980
D255499 Hair curling iron Jun. 17, 1980
D255498 Cigarette snuffer Jun. 17, 1980
D255497 Cigarette smoking device with concealed cigarette holder or similar device Jun. 17, 1980
D255496 Floor structure for amusement device or the like Jun. 17, 1980
D255495 Single family house Jun. 17, 1980
D255494 Inflatable head restraint device Jun. 17, 1980
D255493 Box splint Jun. 17, 1980
D255492 Pharmaceutical delivery bottle Jun. 17, 1980
D255491 Steam cabinet Jun. 17, 1980
D255490 Talar surface gage Jun. 17, 1980
D255489 Destaticizing blower Jun. 17, 1980
D255488 Destaticizing blower Jun. 17, 1980
D255487 Chimney cap Jun. 17, 1980
D255486 Room ionizer Jun. 17, 1980
D255485 Insecticide-containing insect combatting device Jun. 17, 1980
D255484 Fireplace mantel Jun. 17, 1980
D255483 Fireplace mantel Jun. 17, 1980
D255482 Solar energy collecting device Jun. 17, 1980
D255481 Water closet base Jun. 17, 1980
D255480 Pump basket strainer Jun. 17, 1980
D255479 Grease interceptor Jun. 17, 1980
D255478 Collimator spud Jun. 17, 1980
D255477 Putter Jun. 17, 1980
D255476 Doll Jun. 17, 1980
D255475 Toy figure Jun. 17, 1980
D255474 Toy ramp Jun. 17, 1980
D255473 Toy block Jun. 17, 1980
D255472 Joint element for construction set Jun. 17, 1980
D255471 Toy construction piece Jun. 17, 1980
D255470 Simulative toy top Jun. 17, 1980
D255469 Kite or similar article Jun. 17, 1980
D255468 Simulative stilt Jun. 17, 1980
D255467 Action toy Jun. 17, 1980
D255466 Set of chessmen Jun. 17, 1980
D255465 Golf game casing Jun. 17, 1980

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