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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE30974 Production of television signals from photographic disc recordings Jun. 15, 1982
RE30973 Telephone station coin memory and control system Jun. 15, 1982
RE30972 Management of incontinence Jun. 15, 1982
RE30971 Compositions containing platinum Jun. 15, 1982
RE30970 Polymerization catalyst Jun. 15, 1982
RE30969 Device for opening, closing and latching a vent closure member Jun. 15, 1982
RE30968 Attachment for paint spray gun systems Jun. 15, 1982
RE30967 Automatically controlled weigh feeding apparatus Jun. 15, 1982
RE30966 Wick catheter pressure sensing probe and method of use Jun. 15, 1982
PP4858 Chrysanthemum plant Jun. 15, 1982
PP4857 Rose plant Jun. 15, 1982
D265014 Safe deposit box Jun. 15, 1982
D265013 Safe Jun. 15, 1982
D265012 Safe with deposit box Jun. 15, 1982
D265011 Expanded panel of extruded metal Jun. 15, 1982
D265010 Carrier for containers or the like Jun. 15, 1982
D265009 Bottle crate Jun. 15, 1982
D265008 Applique for a shirt or the like Jun. 15, 1982
D265007 Snow removal device Jun. 15, 1982
D265006 Filtering face piece Jun. 15, 1982
D265005 Electric ambient air breathing pump Jun. 15, 1982
D265004 Dental floss holder Jun. 15, 1982
D265003 Curling iron Jun. 15, 1982
D265002 Radiant heat hair dryer Jun. 15, 1982
D265001 Lamp Jun. 15, 1982
D265000 Portable fluorescent light Jun. 15, 1982
D264999 Cigarette lighter Jun. 15, 1982
D264998 Louvered concrete block Jun. 15, 1982
D264997 Ventilating concrete block Jun. 15, 1982
D264996 Sculptured ventilating concrete block Jun. 15, 1982
D264995 Restaurant building Jun. 15, 1982
D264994 Canister for liquid medication and water Jun. 15, 1982
D264993 Simulated breast nurser Jun. 15, 1982
D264992 Hydrotherapy spa Jun. 15, 1982
D264991 Apparatus for preparing specimens for histological examination Jun. 15, 1982
D264990 Wood and coal burning stove Jun. 15, 1982
D264989 Support device for sighting firearms Jun. 15, 1982
D264988 Fishing reel for mounting on archery bow Jun. 15, 1982
D264987 Rocking toy Jun. 15, 1982
D264986 Bowling pin core Jun. 15, 1982
D264985 Ski rope handle and holder Jun. 15, 1982
D264984 Ice skate blade Jun. 15, 1982
D264983 Exerciser Jun. 15, 1982
D264982 Toy carousel Jun. 15, 1982
D264981 Doll house or similar article Jun. 15, 1982
D264980 Mechanical game Jun. 15, 1982
D264979 Calendar holder Jun. 15, 1982
D264978 Printing device Jun. 15, 1982
D264977 Drum mallet Jun. 15, 1982
D264976 Eye glass case Jun. 15, 1982

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