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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE38743 Mixtures of particular LMW heparinic polysaccharides for the prophylaxis/treatment of acute thro... Jun. 14, 2005
RE38742 Quick change bit holder Jun. 14, 2005
PP15801 Mini Impatiens plant named `Fify Salmon Two` Jun. 14, 2005
PP15800 Geranium plant named `Duebertino` Jun. 14, 2005
PP15799 Geranium plant named `Duearthemia` Jun. 14, 2005
PP15798 Goatsbeard plant named `Misty Lace` Jun. 14, 2005
PP15797 Clematis variety `EVIpo002` Jun. 14, 2005
PP15796 Hybrid Tea Rose plant named `RUIZ99925` Jun. 14, 2005
PP15795 Clematis variety `EVIpo014` Jun. 14, 2005
PP15794 Rose plant named `POULac007` Jun. 14, 2005
PP15793 Plant patent for Delosperma plant named `White Nugget` Jun. 14, 2005
PP15792 Black walnut tree named `Beineke 8` Jun. 14, 2005
D506300 Electric powered golf cart Jun. 14, 2005
D506299 Sponge Jun. 14, 2005
D506298 Suction unit for a central vacuum cleaner Jun. 14, 2005
D506297 Steam gun Jun. 14, 2005
D506296 Animal medical collar Jun. 14, 2005
D506295 Pet feeds dispenser Jun. 14, 2005
D506294 Pet feeding stand Jun. 14, 2005
D506293 Pair of baseball umpire/catcher thigh protectors Jun. 14, 2005
D506292 Potholder Jun. 14, 2005
D506291 Insulating glove Jun. 14, 2005
D506290 Floss dispenser Jun. 14, 2005
D506289 Nail clipper with nail clippings retainer Jun. 14, 2005
D506288 Shaving razor handle Jun. 14, 2005
D506287 Palm-held liquid and lotion applicator Jun. 14, 2005
D506286 Cigar-cutter ashtray Jun. 14, 2005
D506285 Helmet shaped ashtray Jun. 14, 2005
D506284 Lamp Jun. 14, 2005
D506283 Lamp Jun. 14, 2005
D506282 Lamp Jun. 14, 2005
D506281 Lighting fixture Jun. 14, 2005
D506280 Lamp Jun. 14, 2005
D506279 Portable light device Jun. 14, 2005
D506278 Spotlight Jun. 14, 2005
D506277 Combination lamp for an automobile Jun. 14, 2005
D506276 Front combination lamp for an automobile Jun. 14, 2005
D506275 Container Jun. 14, 2005
D506274 LED lamp Jun. 14, 2005
D506273 Light source Jun. 14, 2005
D506272 Pool coping brick Jun. 14, 2005
D506271 Step riser Jun. 14, 2005
D506270 Ladder foot Jun. 14, 2005
D506269 Contoured window framing section Jun. 14, 2005
D506268 Exterior portion of a shed Jun. 14, 2005
D506267 Shed Jun. 14, 2005
D506266 Shed constructed from blow-molded plastic Jun. 14, 2005
D506265 Archway design barzebo Jun. 14, 2005
D506264 Simple roof archway design barzebo Jun. 14, 2005
D506263 Hourglass design barzebo with overhang Jun. 14, 2005

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