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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D359349 Flower air freshener Jun. 13, 1995
D359348 Lemon air freshener Jun. 13, 1995
D359347 Palm tree air freshener Jun. 13, 1995
D359346 Dual compartment air freshener Jun. 13, 1995
D359345 Free-standing gas stove Jun. 13, 1995
D359344 Electric space-heating radiator Jun. 13, 1995
D359343 Combined sanitary coupling and ball valve Jun. 13, 1995
D359342 Faucet Jun. 13, 1995
D359340 Spray nozzle for cleaning the interior of tanks Jun. 13, 1995
D359339 Spoon fishing lure Jun. 13, 1995
D359338 Control baton Jun. 13, 1995
D359337 Collapsible rifle rest Jun. 13, 1995
D359336 Golf instruction mat Jun. 13, 1995
D359335 Drill bit for removing and replacing spikes on golf shoes Jun. 13, 1995
D359334 Cap mounted golfer's aid Jun. 13, 1995
D359333 Masking unit for a bowling machine Jun. 13, 1995
D359332 Roller skate Jun. 13, 1995
D359331 Head of a putter-type golf club Jun. 13, 1995
D359330 Golf putter head Jun. 13, 1995
D359329 Golf club driver head Jun. 13, 1995
D359328 Paddle for table ball games Jun. 13, 1995
D359327 Flexible toy ball Jun. 13, 1995
D359326 Physical exerciser Jun. 13, 1995
D359325 Physical exerciser Jun. 13, 1995
D359324 Aerobic exerciser for the upper body Jun. 13, 1995
D359323 Foot wedge for squatting exercises Jun. 13, 1995
D359322 Toy figure Jun. 13, 1995
D359321 Clown doll Jun. 13, 1995
D359320 Doll Jun. 13, 1995
D359319 Toy figure Jun. 13, 1995
D359318 Collapsible toy stroller Jun. 13, 1995
D359317 Collapsible toy stroller Jun. 13, 1995
D359316 Collapsible toy stroller Jun. 13, 1995
D359315 Toy building block Jun. 13, 1995
D359314 Toy riding horse Jun. 13, 1995
D359313 Air supported stilt Jun. 13, 1995
D359312 Game die body Jun. 13, 1995
D359311 Display sign Jun. 13, 1995
D359310 File folder Jun. 13, 1995
D359309 Holder Jun. 13, 1995
D359308 Horse hoof pen holder Jun. 13, 1995
D359307 Writing instrument Jun. 13, 1995
D359306 Electronic book computer for entering and reading written material Jun. 13, 1995
D359305 Credit card with magnifying lens design Jun. 13, 1995
D359304 Toner cartridge Jun. 13, 1995
D359303 Cassette Jun. 13, 1995
D359302 Eyeglasses Jun. 13, 1995
D359301 Combined eyeglass frame and headband Jun. 13, 1995
D359300 Stereoscope Jun. 13, 1995
D359299 Camera Jun. 13, 1995

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