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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE35841 Needleless connector sample site Jul. 7, 1998
RE35840 Imidazo[1,5-a]quinolines for treatment of anxiety and sleep disorders Jul. 7, 1998
RE35839 CD-ROM disk and security check method for the same Jul. 7, 1998
RE35838 Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory with NAND cell structure Jul. 7, 1998
RE35837 Microprocessor-controlled strobe light Jul. 7, 1998
RE35836 Solid state optically coupled electrical power switch Jul. 7, 1998
RE35835 Device for attaching an agricultural implement to a tractor Jul. 7, 1998
RE35834 Article warmer with heated frame and flexible enclosure Jul. 7, 1998
PP10488 Vriesea cultivar `Cathy` Jul. 7, 1998
PP10487 Cactaceae plant named Rudolph II Jul. 7, 1998
PP10486 Kalanchoe plant named `Caroline` Jul. 7, 1998
PP10485 Kalanchoe plant named `Arjuno` Jul. 7, 1998
PP10484 Variety of geranium plant named `Patriot Light Pink` Jul. 7, 1998
PP10483 African violet plant named Centennial Jul. 7, 1998
PP10482 African violet plant named Rosalie Jul. 7, 1998
PP10481 Clethra alnifolia plant named `September Beauty` Jul. 7, 1998
PP10480 Mandarin tangerine called Nadorcott Jul. 7, 1998
PP10479 Nectarine tree `Arctic Belle` Jul. 7, 1998
PP10478 Floribunda rose plant named `Harflow` Jul. 7, 1998
PP10477 Rose plant named `Meiparnin` Jul. 7, 1998
H1741 Method and apparatus for pattern sensitivity stress testing of memory systems Jul. 7, 1998
H1740 Synchronized rotating prism and CCD electrical readout color camera Jul. 7, 1998
H1738 Tear resistant disposable bib Jul. 7, 1998
D395934 Portable sauna Jul. 7, 1998
D395933 Striding exerciser Jul. 7, 1998
D395932 Space baby doll Jul. 7, 1998
D395931 Front portion of a doll Jul. 7, 1998
D395930 Toy animal Jul. 7, 1998
D395929 Amusement ride car Jul. 7, 1998
D395928 Scoop body for a toy shovel Jul. 7, 1998
D395927 Toy shovel Jul. 7, 1998
D395926 Toy element Jul. 7, 1998
D395925 Electronic game Jul. 7, 1998
D395924 Hoop game Jul. 7, 1998
D395923 Hospital wrist band microchip attachment clasp Jul. 7, 1998
D395922 Lip shaped decal for a golf putter face Jul. 7, 1998
D395921 Set of decals for socks Jul. 7, 1998
D395920 Novelty clip Jul. 7, 1998
D395919 Writing instrument Jul. 7, 1998
D395918 Writing instrument Jul. 7, 1998
D395917 Writing instrument Jul. 7, 1998
D395916 Combined ink tank holder and printing head for printer Jul. 7, 1998
D395915 Printer for computer Jul. 7, 1998
D395914 Toner container Jul. 7, 1998
D395913 Violin Jul. 7, 1998
D395912 Cello Jul. 7, 1998
D395911 Sunglasses Jul. 7, 1998
D395910 Eyewear Jul. 7, 1998
D395909 Projector mount Jul. 7, 1998
D395908 Camera Jul. 7, 1998

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